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What is meant by space farming?

What is meant by space farming?

What is meant by space cultivation? For many years, scientists have been trying to get to space, get to know it, and conduct numerous experiments in it until they come up with theories and results of their repeated discoveries. Scientists and researchers have tried to transfer agricultural experiments to outer space. The plant by addressing some problems and then the cultivation process is successful. Let’s get acquainted in our article about space cultivation.

Space cultivation is meant

Space cultivation is plants that can be cultivated by scientists in space. The cultivation process is carried out in vehicles or on the surfaces of celestial bodies. Giacomo Sertini, one of the researchers, said that man should take advantage of the opportunity to cultivate and develop life in the future on space. Space can be cultivated by solving problems, which are next one:

  • Transfer soil and fertilizer into space.
  • Use of the hormone strigolactone.
  • Use mycorrhizal fungi instead of soil.
  • Development of devices through which to retain crops during growth.

Space farming challenges

It is known that the planet Earth is the planet that is suitable for living in it, when trying to conduct agriculture outside the earth will be engineering and logistical challenges of the most important challenges that affect the growth of plants in space are the following:

  • gravity
  • Artificial lighting: It is known that plants need sunlight in order to grow properly, in space there is no solar radiation
  • Pollutants: The conditions of life on Earth differ from space. Researchers have studied if there are types of pollutants that affect the growth of plants
  • Limited space: On Earth, there is a large area through which to grow, but spacecraft are narrow
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Zero gravity and plants

The conditions for the growth of plants in space and on the surface of the earth vary with the knowledgeable research carried out by researchers and found that it does not need gravity as on Earth gravity is a key thing in order for the plant root to grow, according to the research team from the University of Florida that in Gainesville it is a great ability to direct growth The sprouted seeds were spread on the International Space Station as if they were on the surface of the Earth, and it was concluded that the plants retain abundant bredness for growth without gravity that they use when not.

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Space cultivation was carried out by researchers and scientists, which is the cultivation and growth of plants in outer space. Several experiments were conducted, and the researchers said that the cultivation process can be carried out in space.