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What is Microsoft Edge and does it replace Internet Explorer?

What is Microsoft Edge and does it replace Internet Explorer?

Microsoft has announced the termination of Internet Explorer, which was first introduced to the public in August 1995 and has continued to serve as a web browsing icon ever since.

What is “Internet Explorer”?

The tech giant provided 11 versions of Internet Explorer from its debut in 1995 to 2013, until it was replaced by Microsoft Edge.

First released as part of «Plus!» for Windows 95, and accounted for nearly 95 percent of browsers in 2003.

Here is a detailed timeline of the history of the famous Internet Explorer:

1995: Version 1

1995-1996: Version 2

1996-1997: Version 3

1997-2001: Version 4 and Version 5

2001-2006: Version 6

2006-2011: Version 7 and Version 8

2011-2013 Version 9 and Version 10

2013-2022: Version 11

Will Microsoft Edge replace Internet Explorer?

Microsoft advocates Microsoft Edge because of its speed and security.

The technology tycoon is scheduled to officially move to Microsoft Edge from Internet Explorer for various reasons, most notably the security issue with the latter.

Users can still visit any websites that require Internet Explorer 11 by simply reloading it using the Internet Explorer click on the Microsoft Edge page.

“By improving security, privacy, speed, and ease of use, Microsoft Edge goes beyond the experience you know with Internet Explorer,” Microsoft said in an official statement. “When you switch to Microsoft Edge, we will automatically import your preferences and other browsing data from Internet Explorer,” she added.

What are the main benefits of using Microsoft Edge?

Today, Microsoft Edge is the default web browser for Windows 11 and is much faster and more modern than the original Internet Explorer.

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The new browser offers more compatibility, simplified productivity, and better cybersecurity.

“Microsoft Edge is not only a faster, more secure, and modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer, but it is also able to address a key concern: compatibility with legacy sites and apps,” said Sean Lindersey, general manager of Microsoft Edge.

Overall, Microsoft Edge offers a variety of modern options from customizable home screens, high speed and built-in screenshot tools that can be very useful for users.

The new browser has also made it easier for add-ons and small features, including an on-screen calculator, and even comprehensive reading that can help you focus easily.