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What is the correct way to seek knowledge of the hadith? Al-Khudair answers

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Sheikh Dr. Abdul-Karim bin Abdullah Al-Khudair, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars and a former member of the Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas, explained:The correct way to seek knowledge of the hadith.

This came in response to a question in which he was asked: “What is the correct way to seek knowledge of the noble hadith, and is it possible to refer us to some books and explanations that help with this, knowing that I want to begin with the request, but I do not know where and how to begin?” What is your directive to someone who wants to specialize in this art?”

Sheikh Al-Khudair answered by saying, “The way to seek knowledge in hadith and other sciences is for the student to start with books written for young students – for the beginner class -. Because they are the hadiths of the gatherings, the scholars took their report on the novice students, yet he reads the explanations and attends the lessons in them, listens to the tapes recorded on them, and benefits greatly, then after that, when he finishes the (forty) he memorizes the (mayor of rulings), then after That is (Al-Bulugh) or (Al-Muharr) by Ibn Abd al-Hadi, and if his determination is directed to (Al-Muntaq) – if his memory is helpful – then there is no doubt that he is a collector of the hadiths of the rulings, and if his ambition and memory do not help him, then after studying (the forty) and (the mayor) and ( Al-Buloogh) or “al-Muharrar” begins with studying the original books that are attributed to him, starting with Al-Bukhari; So he looks at (Sahih Al-Bukhari) in his translations, and the chains of hadiths, and their texts, and links between hadith and translation, and looks at the isnad from every aspect, in men, and in performance formulas, and looks at it in terms of communication and interruption, and if it begins with (Bukhari), the issue of correction and weakening has been her palms; Because everything in (Sahih Al-Bukhari) is authentic, but he understands it and links the text of the hadith with the translation, and looks at the jurisprudence of Al-Bukhari – may God have mercy on him – in his translations, as stated by the scholars, and he will benefit greatly. If he looks at the link between the translation and the text of the hadith, he will read The explanations on this hadith, then look at the places where this hadith is extracted from the authentic hadith, and compare them in their translations, in their chains of transmission, in their performance formulas, and in their texts.

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Sheikh Al-Khudair added by saying, “And say the same in the rest of the hadiths and then the rest of the books, and the issue needs a long time, but such a person should not be too much in the study of the Prophetic Sunnah, and this is after memorizing the Qur’an, and after taking care of the Book of God and reading its interpretations.”

The questioner says: (Is it possible to refer us to some books and explanations that help with this?) Yes, if he reads or memorizes the “Forty” he will review the explanations on them, such as the explanation of al-Nawawi, the author of the text, and some of the brief explanations of some contemporaries were written in an easy and accessible style, then after That is, if you look in (Jami Al-Ulum and Al-Hakam), even if it is lengthy, it is not suitable for beginners, but it has very great benefits.

And after (the forty) he reviews the explanations of (Al-Omda) after memorizing them, such as the explanation of Ibn Daqiq Al-Eid, although it is difficult, but if he reads it to a scholar who analyzes his words for him, he will benefit greatly. Because this text is solid, the seeker of knowledge is brought up on it, and if the student digests it and understands it, then nothing of the explanations is difficult for him, and say something like this in the rest of the books such as (Buloogh Al-Maram) reviewing it (Subul Al-Salaam) and (Al-Badr Al-Tamal), and the explanations of contemporary Sheikhs recorded and printed And if his concern is attributed to the attributed books, their explanations are known, and they contain tapes with an explanation of their advantages and the characteristics of each explanation of them.

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He says: (Knowing that I want to start asking, but I don’t know where and how to start?), We said: You start with the texts of the Sunnah in the way we have explained, and with regard to hadith sciences, for example, you start with (Baykunia), and you look at its explanations, then (the elite) And what was written on it of explanations and what was recorded on it, and after that you read in (Abstract Ulum al-Hadith) by al-Hafiz Ibn Katheer and his explanations, then after that (Alfiya al-Iraqi), and make all your concern about hadith sciences in (Alfiya al-Iraqi) and its explanations, and apply it to them, so every chapter you take From (al-Alfiyyah) it is applied to it from the books of the Sunnah, by extracting hadiths, studying their chains of transmission, collecting their methods, judging them, and benefiting greatly from them.