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What is the difference between a router and a switch and how do Wi-Fi and network relate to this?  - Živě.cz

What is the difference between a router and a switch and how do Wi-Fi and network relate to this? – Živě.cz

If you need to connect an entire house to a fast network, stores will throw hundreds of different boxes at you, which look the same, but each do something different. One of them may have a feature that you don’t need, or it may be an important feature that is missing. How do you know them?

We will take the items that you will be able to meet and use them appropriately in a normal home network. In companies, the structure is usually more complex and with equipment that you will not need in an apartment or family home.


abbreviation for mocaress /Thealarm clock. It is a device that converts an analog signal into digital and vice versa. Technically, a modem is just the component that converts electrical voltage in a metal, rays of light in light waves or radio waves in a wireless network into ones and zeros. However, figuratively speaking, we are talking about the entire device used to connect to the Internet.

O2 Smart Box is a modular multi-use device, which contains a modem, and acts as a router, switch and access point

Normally we only need one connection, except for cases where we want a backup connection because the main connection failed. Modems in this figurative sense are often combined into one device with other types of network elements, usually a router, switch and access point.


A router separates two networks (or even more networks) and is usually behind or part of the modem. The connection provider will assign us one IP address, and the router will make sure that it can be used externally by dozens of computers, mobile phones and other devices in the house. Thus, the router creates a subnet and assigns special local addresses to all these devices. It often includes a firewall that restricts traffic according to specific rules. At home, one router is usually enough and you will definitely have it as part of another.

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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X is a standalone router without Wi-Fi, USB and other “nonsense”

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