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What is the farthest planet from the sun | Say and indicate

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For all astronomy lovers, do you know what is the farthest planet from the sun and what are its characteristics? How do you expect it to be from the inside? Do you think that it is similar to the planet Earth or not? Find out with us, through today’s trip to one of the planets of the solar system, the answers to all these questions that are on the minds of many.

What is the farthest planet from the sun?

The planet Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun, as the distance between it and the sun is about 4.5 billion kilometers, which is equivalent to the distance of the planet from the sun thirty times, and this terrible distance from the sun has led to the entry of sunlight by only nine percent to it, and you must Now you expect this planet to be very cold and dark, and this is absolutely true, but what you do not know about it is that it cannot be seen with the naked eye, but is seen as a tiny disc through the telescope.

About the farthest planet from the sun

The name Neptune is a Greek word meaning the god of water. It is also called the blue planet. It is worth noting that it is the eighth planet in the solar system. It also occupies the fourth place in its size in relation to its diameter compared to the rest of the planets, and it occupies the third place in increasing its mass. It is equivalent to seventeen times the mass of the planet Earth, and it is characterized by its wind speed, which exceeds the wind speed of other planets, reaching two thousand kilometers per hour.

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How was the discovery of the farthest planet from the sun?

Scientists realized that there was an error during the mathematical calculations in the place where the planet Uranus is supposed to be located, and the French scientist Louverier expected that this error resulted from the presence of one of the planets in a certain location, so he sent what he expected to the astronomer Johann Gottfried, who in turn discovered it on the first night of Research the existence of the planet Neptune in 1846.

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What are the similarities between planet Neptune and planet Earth?

The planet Earth and the planet Neptune are similar in several points, which we show you in the following:

  • The surface of the planet Earth and the planet Neptune consists of hydrogen, water, helium, and silicate compounds composed of oxygen and silicon ions.
  • The two planets rotate in an elliptical orbit.
  • Both planets are blue in colour.
  • The gravitational force of both planets is very similar, as the gravitational force of Neptune is only fourteen percent greater than that of Earth, which is a small percentage that cannot be noticed.

You may now know what is the farthest planet from the sun and how it was discovered for the first time, what are its distinctive characteristics and the most famous information about it, and the points in which it is similar to planet Earth.

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