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ما مصير أعمال روسيا الفنية الموجودة فى لندن وباريس؟ معارض ومتاحف تجيب

What is the fate of Russian artwork in London and Paris? Galleries and museums answer

Artworks borrowed from Russia to major galleries in the UK are still on display in light of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and while the conflict between the two countries is still intensifying, everyone’s eyes are on an exhibition. Faberge Held in London, May 8, 2022 at the Victoria and Albert Museum, dedicated to the famous Russian goldsmith, its luxurious and elegant works are synonymous with luxury..

In this context, Victoria and Albert’s spokeswoman said: “Victoria and Albert are still in touch with the Ministry of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports about the emerging situation in Ukraine. Works of art by Russian companies. “

A spokeswoman for Victoria & Albert explained: “Temporary exhibits at museums in the UK are protected from capture by foreigners. When displayed in a museum or gallery, they are approved by the Minister of Culture.

On the other hand, especially in France, the Louis Vuitton Foundation announced that it would not force the closure of a Russian exhibition, which attracted more than a million visitors, and the exhibition was scheduled to close its doors to the public in February. 22, according to a previously specified deadline. His term of office has been extended to April 3, 2022.

According to the media, France has not received any communication or letters from the Russian embassy or museums about the existing artwork, and according to legal procedures, the paintings on display in the exhibition will be returned or preserved to its own Russian museums. It is not enough to change the travel conditions of the Paris paintings to be safe.

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