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What is the name of the Russian space station?

The name of the Russian space station? Where there are many space stations as well as space vehicles whose mission is to explore space and know its secrets, and in the coming lines we will talk about the answer to this question through as we will learn about the most important information about space stations and many other information on this topic in detail.

The name of the Russian space station

The name of the Russian space station It is Mir in English (Mir) and in Russian (Мир), meaning world or peace, This Russian space station is considered one of the most luxurious space stations in the world, and therefore it is considered the pride of Russian industries in the world, as this station recorded many records that entered history, making it the pride of Russian industries, for example, this station has set the longest record In the survival of man in space, where man has remained in space for more than 10 years, and throughout this time this station has been in service and has performed all the tasks required of it without being disrupted or causing any damage, and this station has been flying in space for a long time. For nearly fifteen years, until 2001, this station is considered a study by many astronauts and astronauts, and it became a dream for many people to work on this station in order to stay for a long time in space.[1]

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What are space stations?

Space stations are buildings that are built to carry out a variety of activities around the Earth or in low Earth orbit, as these stations are designed to survive for relatively long periods of time in low Earth orbit, and they are equipped and equipped Completely in order to preserve the lives of humans and the people inside it for a long period of time, as there are some space stations that remain in space for many years, and these stations have the ability to integrate with spacecraft that come from the surface of the Earth.[1]

What is the importance of space stations

Space stations are among the most important inventions that have been invented and have benefited mankind in many different aspects of life. The importance of space stations is as follows:[1]

  • Military objects such as the Saluette 2 station launched by the Soviet Union.
  • Civil Purposes Developed nations build these space stations for civilian purposes.
  • Studying the long-term effects on the human body and thus benefiting from them in scientific studies.

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Finally, we know The name of the Russian space station? We also got acquainted with the most important information about this station, as well as the concept of space stations and their importance, and many other information on this subject in detail.

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