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ما حقيقة وضع سمير صبري على جهاز الأوكسجين وتدهور حالته الصحية؟

What is the truth about putting Samir Sabry on the oxygen device and the deterioration of his health?

A source close to the Egyptian artist Samir Sabry broke his silence, as he denied what his manager said that the doctors decided to put him on an oxygen machine so that his body would be ready before undergoing a delicate heart surgery, perhaps tomorrow, Friday or Saturday, after conducting medical examinations.

The source indicated that he continues to record episodes of his radio program “My Memories” in the hospital, the first of which was already broadcast two days ago, pointing out that so far the doctors have not determined the date of his surgery and that he is still in the preparation stage for the operation, according to (her).

It is reported that a number of artists were keen to visit Samir Sabry in the hospital, most notably: Tariq Al-Shennawi, Ilham Shaheen, Yousra, Hussein Fahmy, Donia and Amy Samir Ghanem, Nelly Karim, and others.

On the other hand, Samir Sabry, during the first episodes of his “My Memories” program, thanked everyone who tried to check on him, as he said: “Thank you to everyone who asked about me, during my illness and my admission to the hospital,” adding: “I never imagined that I would find this love.” All after I was hospitalized.

And he added: “What is this beautiful love and attention? Is it possible that I deserve this from you? You made me and made the name Samir Sabry, and my truth was, I was very happy that love still exists and people love to visit .. Each one gave his mind a face to visit me with his thanks, and the first visitor who came to me She is the great artist, Laila Elwi, with whom I have a relationship with her mother, and the song “Hell Under Water” makes me think of her.

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