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What is the truth about Saddam Hussein’s reliance on his likenesses?.. His lawyer reveals how he confirmed his true identity

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The former head of Saddam Hussein’s defense team, Khalil al-Dulaimi, revealed the fact that the former Iraqi president relied on people who resembled him in physical features during the American invasion of Iraq.

Al-Dulaimi said, in an interview with the “Political Memory” program broadcast on Al-Arabiya channel: “When the president was in power, there was discussion in Iraqi circles that there were more than one likeness, the day he and I met (after) the entry of the Americans (Iraq), It occurred to me, when I saw his condition as a result of the conditions of detention, of psychological and physical torture in detention, that the president might be similar, but I dealt as if he was the president.”

The former Iraqi president’s lawyer added that later, “I became sure that he, after explaining to me events that I knew previously, could not be similar, could not be identical, not to a degree of 40%,” pointing out that some were relying on his facial mole to distinguish him.

Al-Dulaimi indicated that he was transmitting “passwords” and messages from the former Iraqi president while he was under arrest, to his acquaintances.

Al-Dulaimi said that there was a so-called “similar program,” explaining: “One of the officials in the state advised him that he would pretend that he has a similar group,” in order to provide “camouflage” and security “protection” for Saddam Hussein from targeting Iran.

He confirmed that this was not used in practice, but “it was only propaganda, and there was no similar to him,” saying that when he discussed this matter with him during his detention, “he was mocking this issue,” in terms of having similarities to him.

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