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What is the truth about the strange objects that were seen in the sky of Lebanon?

What is the truth about the strange objects that were seen in the sky of Lebanon?

In conjunction with the spread of photos and videos, the company announced:SpaceXThe launch of satellites aboard a Falcon 9 rocket.

Eyewitnesses said from the city Tripoli In the north of the country, to “Sky News Arabia”: “Many speculations spread in the city about the nature of this strange body, some said that it belonged to alien creatures, and others went to it being a comet or a meteor.”

A communications technology expert in Lebanon told Sky News Arabia: What was seen was the satellite train.starlinkSpaceX succeeded in its attempt to launch 46 satellites into Earth orbit aboard a Falcon 9 rocket.

And the media reported that this was not the first time that such objects appeared in the region, as they had previously appeared in late 2019 and at intervals between October and December, which angered the pioneers of social networking sites at the time, before the matter was clarified by news agencies and observatories. astrological.

Starlink Project

On May 23, 2019, SpaceX launched aFalconWith a huge payload, consisting of 60 small satellites, in the first step of a group of steps aimed at launching about 12,000 satellites within several years in close orbits to the Earth.

The aim of the experiment is to provide a new quality Internet service that provides satellite communication With the Internet over thousands of kilometers in the world, it also reaches those places that are not often connected to the Internet, or have a traditional connection to the Internet.

Experts described this project as “the Internet of space available to all”, as it will allow access to the Internet through Satellites And deliver it to distant geographic areas.

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The Internet of space is one of the ways to connect to the Internet using satellites that do not need a connection with cables or wires. world wide web.