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What’s the secret behind the TikTok leader’s 16,000% increase in followers after his congressional testimony?


Saturday, 01 April 2023 06:00 PM

Appointed TikTok According to the Wall Street Journal, former advisers to Barack Obama and Disney trained its CEO, Xu Ziqiu, for more than a month before his congressional hearings.

Three consultants — David Plouffe and Jim Messina, who worked on the Obama presidential campaigns, and Xenia Mucha, Disney’s former communications chief — have been brought in to advise the company in its fight against the Biden administration’s efforts to ban TikTok, CNBC reported.

Kiu was largely unknown before Thursday’s March 23 session, with fewer than 19,000 followers on the app, according to Reuters. 8 days later, that number reached nearly 3 million – an increase of almost 16,000%.

Although some analysts criticized her testimony, many app users applauded Chiu as she gained millions of new followers.

Because TikTok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, lawmakers around the world have raised concerns that user data could be accessed by the Chinese government or intelligence services.

It was banned for use in government agencies not only in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the European Union.

The newspaper previously reported that the United States had threatened to ban all citizens from using the app unless the Chinese partners were forced to liquidate.

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