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WhatsApp has another notch, allowing messages to be transferred between phone numbers

Kycalik The WhatsApp despite of Recent disagreements It remains one of the most popular services of its kind in the world. Anyone who has had to change their devices or even their phone number has encountered problems we definitely didn’t expect from a 21st century telecom app. Until recently, for example, it was nearly impossible for a user to transfer a message log backup from iOS On Android and vice versa.

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This is It changes slowlyHowever, if you plan to change your phone number, backing up your messages to a new phone number is problematic. WhatsApp does not allow you to open an account except through a phone number and it cannot be changed. The web WABetaInfoFocusing on popular service news, she has now indicated that it may be flashing for better times. The leaked screenshot indicates that the ability to transfer chat logs between phone numbers is just around the corner.

WhatsApp Chat Migration Different phone number 2013 x 1200 1
Screen capture indicating paging between phone numbers. Source: WABetaInfo

You will be able to transfer messages between numbers just as you want. In addition to text messages, photos, videos, and other media will move too, which we definitely praise. It is not known when the news will be available to the general public, but we hope it will soon.

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