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“WhatsApp is breaking the users.”…Finally, WhatsApp does it and adds 3 new revolutionary features, and the third feature is the most exciting…Try them before anyone else

There is no doubt that social networking programs have enjoyed a great and unparalleled demand, especially The beginning of the twenty-first century and there are many of these applications, some of them are for browsing, some for news, and some for social communication, and the most famous of these applications is the WhatsApp application, which has gained great popularity among these applications due to its ease of use And for its great features that are not found in other applications, only the new statistics, the WhatsApp application is used by more than a billion person around the world.

WhatsApp audio updates

  • WhatsApp is a chatting program that has greatly contributed to facilitating communication between people
  • It also has telephony and video calling features in most countries around the world.
  • The designers of the WhatsApp program are keen to constantly update all the features on the application, so that the application remains the number one
  • In use by its pioneers and in order to achieve the methodology that was drawn for it by its designers
  • Among these updates is the update that was launched recently, which is the update on the voice program and the voice messages sent on the WhatsApp application.

How to use the update on WhatsApp voice messages

The last update on voice messages is to review the messages sent by the person who uses the application in case something goes wrong Or he wanted to return the sent speech, or if the sender wanted to hear his message again before sending it To the recipient and to take advantage of this feature

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The following instructions must be followed:

  • Press the record button among the options within the conversation.
  • Record the voice message to be sent
  • And before pressing the send button, press up. Here, the microphone button is activated before sending.
  • Hear the sound of the message again in case you want to modify it or if you want to send it.
  • Click on the send button after previewing the voice message and then sending it.

It must be noted that in order to be able to benefit from all the updates of the WhatsApp program, the program must be updated permanently through the special website or the link for each WhatsApp version or through the online store Google Play, This was most of the updates to the WhatsApp voice message feature, and if any other updates are issued, they will be published immediately