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WhatsApp is struggling to catch up with Telegram in the service of interacting with messages

WhatsApp is struggling to catch up with Telegram in the service of interacting with messages

date of publication:
December 25, 2021 2:46 GMT

Update date: December 25, 2021 3:30 GMT

The “WhatsApp” application seeks to catch up with “Telegram”, which launched the service of embedding interactive emoticons with the messages circulated among its users.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application today, Telegram is still the platform that provides the most functionality to the user, as it continues to include new features permanently.

After “Telegram” tested a new feature about reactions to messages, the new feature of this application entered into force with the adoption of 11 emoji symbols to interact with messages received by the user during individual or group chats, including symbols of admiration, disapproval, anger or love. or celebrate.

With this new feature, anyone will be able to see who interacted with which emoji, in addition to that, group managers can only allow the use of a small set of emojis to respond to messages or even disable this functionality in their groups.

A demo video shows that all reactions to messages on Telegram are accompanied by funny animations such as a fire on the screen or images of thumbs of different colors jumping from one place to another or positioned in the center.

Although this feature has not yet appeared except in the beta version of “Telegram” for the “iOS” operating system, it is expected that this new feature will also be found in the beta version of the “Android” system.

Those in charge of the “WhatsApp” application are looking forward to continuing the same approach with the launch of a similar service to attract users of the application, especially since those in charge of the “Telegram” application confirm every time that this application provides more privacy guarantees than “WhatsApp”.

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In view of the open competition with “Telegram”, the “WhatsApp” application seeks to facilitate all the services that its users need and is working on introducing many updates in order to meet the needs of users, as the application works on a selection of new features that are expected to be launched next year 2022.

Among the features that are expected to be launched in the new year is the logout feature, which will be compatible with the multi-device update, which enables the user to log out of one device but remain registered on another device, as well as the feature to give the user some time to delete messages, and the time reaches 68 1 minute and 16 seconds after which it will not be possible to delete messages.