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WhatsApp is testing the account opening feature on more than one device

The social networking application company “WhatsApp” has started testing a new version of the application that allows the user to open his account on more than one device at the same time.

According to a post broadcast on the Facebook social network engineering page that owns WhatsApp, the company intends to “begin testing the new feature with a limited number of users already participating in its beta program.”

Through the beta version of the new version, which was launched for the first time last June, the user can run the WhatsApp application on his phone and then with up to 4 devices connected simultaneously, even if the phone battery has run out.

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Each device will connect to the user’s WhatsApp account independently and maintain end-to-end encryption for messaging aimed at ensuring the privacy of conversations.

Facebook said it has developed new technology to maintain the encryption feature between the endpoints, while ensuring the simultaneous transmission of data such as contact names and archive conversations between multiple devices.

It is noteworthy that the WhatsApp application currently depends on the presence of a smartphone as the primary device on which the user’s account is opened, and then the account can be browsed on other devices such as a personal computer, but provided that the account is still opened on the smartphone, which must remain in a state of operation and an Internet connection.

Since browsing and using the account on other devices is linked to the presence of the smartphone,
On these devices the app runs slower and loses connection frequently.

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And the website, which specializes in technology issues, quoted Facebook’s statement as saying that with the new multi-device version of WhatsApp, these problems will be eliminated, as the user will be able to open his account and run it on other devices without the need to continue opening the account on his smartphone, While maintaining the security and confidentiality of conversations and data.