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WhatsApp launches a new feature for Windows users | Technology and cars

Ammon – The WhatsApp application is preparing to launch a new feature for users of the application via Windows, which guarantees users a new, smoother and time-saving experience, and the feature of selecting messages, or what is called “Select messages”, contributes to managing their chat with the other party if the person uses the WhatsApp application. On the Windows version.

Message selection feature
According to what was mentioned by the wabetainfo website, the new feature enables the user to select more than one message within a single conversation, and then it remains for him to either choose to delete it or forward it again to another chat, and you can use the new feature by long pressing on the message that you want to select and you will see the word Selection You can automatically add the texts that you want to select within the chat, and then you can either delete them, put them in your favorites list, or copy them.

In turn, this feature gives users the opportunity to control chat messages, thus saving time and effort.

Approval of new members
In turn, WhatsApp introduced another feature based on the control of group administrators in approving new members, and this feature allows WhatsApp users to accept or reject the joining of some individuals to the group without adding them directly, which is distinguished in that feature that it restricts anyone from entering the WhatsApp group without the desire of The rest of the members.

The launch of 21 new emoji
During the past hours, WhatsApp launched 21 new emoji in front of some beta versions of the WhatsApp application, and it is scheduled to be released to all users in the coming days. The new icons save you the trouble of searching for them in other applications without the need to download programs specifically for them on your phone.

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WhatsApp introduces new tools
The WhatsApp application is developing its capabilities in order to improve the experience of using the application in front of individuals, and among the tools it recently launched:

Sticker maker tool, a new feature offered to WhatsApp users that enables them to make their own favorite stickers through the application without the need to download some other programs.

A new tool that enables users to communicate via calls through a link.

New newsletter publishing tool.

Share files and documents up to 2 GB in size.

Activate the voice message feature in WhatsApp cases.

Record videos without using hands.

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