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“WhatsApp” on smart watches next summer

announce The founder and director of the “Meta” company that owns the “WhatsApp” application, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the launch of the official “WhatsApp” application for the “Wear OS” smart watch operating system, in a long-awaited step that allows users to send and receive text and voice messages from the wrist.

The announcement came during the annual “Google” conference for users and developers, on Wednesday, May 10, and it is expected that the application will be officially launched this summer.

And the site stated, “WABetaInfo“, which specializes in monitoring new features in “WhatsApp”, that support for smart watches started with the beta version No. “” of the application with the version of the “Android” operating system.

The “WhatsApp” application for the “Wear OS” system will support several types of smart watches, such as the “Pixel Watch” from “Google” and “Galaxy Watch 5” from “Samsung”.

The application will allow users who own smart watches to browse recent chats, and respond using text or voice, as the conversations will be protected by “end-to-end” encryption technology, and the application will also display the number of unread messages in the inbox.

To set up the “WhatsApp” application for the “Wear OS” system, users must enter an eight-digit code on the watches in the “WhatsApp” application on the user’s smartphone, so that the conversations between the two devices are synchronized.

The company “WhatsApp” previously provided an application for smart watches running on the “Android Wear” system before changing its name to “Wear OS”, but it later stopped it due to its lack of use.

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Since then, Wear OS users have only been able to respond to WhatsApp messages through notifications, which prevented them from sending messages whenever they wanted from the smartwatch.

Other updates

The feature of modifying messages in “WhatsApp” is being tested after reports that work on it began in mid-2022, while the “WhatsApp” website indicatedWABetaInfoOn Wednesday, the feature entered the final stages of the development process, before it was released to all users.

And the developers of “WhatsApp” made a change to the message modification feature that was monitored in the latest beta version, as a pop-up window will appear to the user stating that the message has been successfully modified after completing the modification.

The new feature allows “WhatsApp” users to modify messages after sending them to the other party in individual conversations or within chat groups, provided that this is within 15 minutes after sending them.

The feature gives users an alternative option to deleting the message or sending another message for correction, if they find that the message they sent is inappropriate or contains misspellings, for example.