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واتساب تبدأ بطرح ميزة إرسال رسائل لنفسك

WhatsApp starts rolling out the feature to send messages to yourself

I started service WhatsApp instant messaging has introduced the new feature that allows you to send messages to yourself, as it is now available in version No. (22.23.74) of the application for Android users. iOSIt is also available to some users Android In version No. (

It is stated that WABetaInfo website – A specialist in monitoring experimental WhatsApp features – this feature was first spotted in the beta version No. ( of the WhatsApp application months ago, but since this feature was not compatible with multiple devices, the WhatsApp service abandoned it for a while, but the site yesterday monitored its existence In the final version (22.23.74) of the application for iOS users.

Why do you need to send messages to yourself in WhatsApp?

Many people find it useful to take notes, or save URLs in a message to themselves where they can easily come back to them later, a feature that some popular messaging apps offer; Such as: TelegramAnd the Signal For a long time, so have work applications such as Slack.

You will find this feature in the Telegram app under the name (Saved Messages), and the app also allows you to create a private channel through which you can also send messages to yourself.

How do you send a message to yourself on WhatsApp?

Simply open a new conversation, and when you select a contact to message, your personal contact will appear at the top of the contact list. In addition, when you open it, a different caption for the chat will appear, where you will find the phrase (Message yourself) under the name of your contact, as shown in the screenshot.

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Messages sent to yourself will be visible across all of your linked devices, so WhatsApp also maintains end-to-end encryption on these chats.

If you don’t find this new feature in an app, you may have to wait a few more days for WhatsApp to complete the rollout.

It is noteworthy that the WhatsApp service has finally launched a feature that allows users to re-listen to their voice messages before sending them, as this feature allows the user to record the voice message and save it for a period of time until he sends it or deletes it, which allows him to review it and make sure that it does not contain errors before sending it. .

WhatsApp is also currently working on a new feature called Companion Mode, which allows you to use one account on more than one phone, as it was monitored by (WABetaInfo website) Yesterday the latest beta version of the application is available in the Google Play Store.