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When five clients come to me, it’s a good day, says a bookseller from Nuslí in Prague

Vladimir Sikula says that to survive decently, he would need a daily turnover of more than six thousand crowns, but on average it does not reach half that.
author’s squf; Hunza Mudra

nand facebook page offspring party At the end of May, an unobtrusive call appeared in support of the local bookseller Vladimir Sikula. “People, buy books from Vladi Sikola! Today, just before closing time, I was his third customer of the day. He told me: I took the thorn off my heels. Maybe people don’t read,” wrote David Hlustick of Knosli in Prague.

In a small shop only about 20 meters from Bratří Synků Square, there is almost no movement. The shop area is barely 15 square meters and there are hardly two people to fit there at the same time due to the huge amount of books.

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