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When Putin thought about Russia joining NATO, a veteran British politician reveals

When Putin thought about Russia joining NATO, a veteran British politician reveals

The Russian military operation in Ukraine is taking place today, Friday, the thirtieth day, while Moscow continues to target the military infrastructure of Kievamid Western support for Ukraine and growing pressure from NATO and Europe to force Russian President Vladimir Putin to back down.

A veteran British politician set off a surprise when he said some time ago that Moscow had previously sought to join NATO.

George Robertson, NATO Secretary General 1999-2004 “Archival”

George Robertson, the British politician and Secretary General of NATO between 1999 and 2004, said that Russian President Putin at the beginning of his term had expected Russia to join NATO, according to what Russian media reported.

Robertson shared with the One Decision Podcast his memories of conversations he had with the Russian leader, and said that during their first meeting Putin expressed his interest in making Russia a part of Western Europe.

Flags of Ukraine NATO "expressive"

Flags of Ukraine NATO “expressive”

According to Robertson, Putin said: “When are you going to invite us to NATO?” He replied, “We do not invite to join NATO, (the country in question) is supposed to apply for membership in NATO.”

“Actually, we are not just one of the many other countries that are not as important,” Putin said, according to Robertson’s account.

The former Secretary-General of NATO considered that Putin’s views changed because of the “orange revolution” in Ukraine, in which he saw political and financial interference from the alliance, as well as because of NATO’s expansion to the east.

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It is noteworthy that Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania decided to join the alliance in 2004, followed by Croatia and Albania five years later.

There has been talk since 2008 about Ukraine’s possible membership in the alliance as well, but it is still outside its doors so far.

A few days ago, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said:It must be admitted that Kyiv will not join NATOHe called on the world to put an end to Russia before it goes further with its Russian military operation in Ukraine.

He added: “Kyiv realized that it must protect its own airspace and independence, not NATO.”