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When the show returns

When the show returns

Riverdale For season five, it’s time to stop the show in the middle of the season. The CW Show and Netflix fans will have to wait a few months for the release date of Season 5, Episode 11, which reveals where Jukhead (played by Cole Spruce) went.

Riverdale Season Five, Chapter 11 Release Date

Riverdale He takes a three-month break before the next episode, which is scheduled for July for The CW and Netflix. To be precise, Riverdale He will air the show weekly on a streamer on Wednesday, July 7, The CW in the United States and Thursday, July 8, until Netflix.

Areas of Netflix: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Riverdale returns to The CW and Netflix in July.

When he returns, the show will be on the regular schedule at 20:00 EST / 19:00 ET. This episode will air on Netflix at midnight Pacific time. For your country, it depends on the time difference from the west coast of the United States, which is currently seven hours behind the Greenwich Mean Time.

CW has not yet released the title of the episode or an overview of its fifth season, Episode 11. However, the network has released a short trailer that gives viewers an idea of ​​what to expect Riverdale Revenue.

In this trailer, the show will continue from the final episode, with Jughead disappearing again. In the last installment Riverdale, Tabitha (Irene Westbrook) could not find the author after she got lost after a session with a psychedelic “maple mushroom”, hoping he would block her writer’s block. The next morning, however, there was only a trace of blood.

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We hear Tabitha say in the trailer of episode 11 that it shows Jughead sleeping or fainting on the floor.

Elsewhere in the episode, Riverdale looks set to return to good form for the first time since Farm’s gang defeat. In the ad, we see Penelope Blossom (Natalie Bolt) leading a strange-looking religious party. “I had an expression,” he says, while his daughter Sheryl (Madeleine Pitch) says, “I lost my mind”.

As for the other characters, the actors were hidden. Speaking to Hollywood Life magazine, actress Veronica Camila Mendes revealed: “This model doesn’t really tell us. She also wants to keep us on the edge of our seats.”

Riverdale Season 5 should be slightly shorter than the 19th episode, meaning there are only nine episodes from the fifth season.

Riverdale So far, all episodes of Seasons 1-4 and Season 5 have aired on Netflix in the above areas. Seasons 1-4 The last five episodes of Netflix and Season 5 air in the United States on the Website and The CW app.