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When to watch the Tau Herculed meteor shower

When to watch the Tau Herculed meteor shower

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Meteorites are not uncommon: T.There are space particles constantly falling toward Earth, and if you look closely enough on any evening, you’ll likely see one or more of them swarming through the darkness. However, the meteor showers that illuminate the night sky for minutes or hours at a time are many Less common, and there’s an amazing event coming up this month. Probably.

If all the stars are aligned (ahem), then the tau Herculid shower will appear over the neighboring United States on the night of May 30 and early in the morning of May 31. That’s what Bill Cook of NASA’s Metroid Environmental Office called it “”All or nothing happenedSo hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Here’s what you need to know.

When you see the Tau Herculed meteor shower

If this happens, the width of the tau Herculid is must rush At approximately 1 a.m. ET on Tuesday, May 31 (10 p.m. PT on May 30).

Meteorites themselves are likely to move slower and appear fainter than those in meteorites Shower Eta Aquarid earlier this month. However, the moon is new that night, so the sky will be dark for maximum visibility. Due to the timing and location of the Earth, viewers in the United States will get the best view, starting about halfway up the sky.

You always want to find the darkest place possible to watch the meteor shower, but this can be especially important for tau Herculids due to the expected slow speed of individual particles.

Tau Herculids – new to the meteor shower scene

The Herculid tau shower originated from a comet known as SW 3, which was first discovered in 1930 and is believed to have begun to split in 1995. With each pass since then, SW 3 has continued to split into pieces, and experts believe the debris site is relative to the comet. , ground location and speed can create a wonderful visual experience.

However, this is more of an assumption than a guarantee.

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