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When will the cold wave end? .. The President of the Qatar Center for Space and Astronomy Sciences answers

When will the cold wave end? .. The President of the Qatar Center for Space and Astronomy Sciences answers

His Excellency Sheikh Salman bin Jabor Al Thani, President of the Qatar Center for Space and Astronomy Sciences, expected the continuation of the cold wave that the country is currently witnessing until the end of next week.

And he said during a telephone interview with our Live program on Qatar TV this evening that there is a polar depression that hit the region of Europe, then it descended to Turkey, then the Levant, and a small part of it came to Qatar, which is the cold wind.

He added, “This is very natural and happens every year. The solar wind is also one of the reasons for pushing winds from the North Pole towards the equator and we get cold.

He expected that the duration of the cold would continue, continuing: Because we now have a (star) Tali’ al-Na’im, and on Friday, “Tali’ al-Baldah” enters us, which is “the beginning of it is scorching and the end of it is Nouraq,” and this symbolizes the severity of the coldness in its beginning, and the cold may continue until the end of the next week or the middle of it, and its intensity begins to break. Gradually, it doesn’t stop at once.

He said that the rains that fell during the last period cooled the ground..Moisture in the ground holds the cold and makes the land cold and the sea cold, and the coldness continues, and the coldness comes to you from the sea around you..and do not forget that we are a peninsula with winds coming from any direction..both from the sea side. It is cold, and if it comes from the south, or it comes from the Saudi desert, it also comes very cold, and everyone saw the Saudi desert and the snow that fell on it in the past days.

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