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When you check into a hotel you have to put your bags in the bathtub.  An old, proven lesson is often forgotten

When you check into a hotel you have to put your bags in the bathtub. An old, proven lesson is often forgotten

Traveling has never been easier, aside from the complications of the coronavirus. In any case, these days we can easily, quickly and relatively cheaply look almost anywhere in the world. If you are going to civilization and are going to stay in a hotel, whether in the country or abroad, you should follow the tips below to be safe.

First in the first place First of all

Before you start unpacking, check the mattress and bedding well. Even multi-star hotels often encounter uninvited guests – bed bugs. You can recognize them by the black and brown spots, which are their droppings. Look under the mattress topper. If you notice anything suspicious, leave the room with your belongings and report your concerns to the front desk. If all is well, enjoy your stay.

The potential for bed bugs is exactly why we follow the old, proven trick – putting the bag in the bathtub. Bed bugs cling to textiles, such as carpets. Of course, if you leave your luggage in the bathtub, you won’t be bringing home bed bugs from your travels.

While checking out the beds, also check the cleanliness of the sheets and towels. If you are not satisfied, exchange it.

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Examine the door

In most cases, hotel room door locks work, but it’s best to check for peace of mind. Take the hotel key, go out into the hallway and let the door close. Then take the handle and try to open the door without the help of the key. If you fail, it’s okay and you can keep calm.

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Wash the glasses

Before you start using hotel glasses, it is best to wash them thoroughly in hot, soapy water. A confidential survey found that up to 73% of these cups were not properly cleaned and sterilized.

Watch out for the console

We don’t think about it much, but the TV remote is one of the dirtiest items in a hotel room. It’s the thing with the second highest percentage of fecal bacteria on the surface, and first place, of course, is won by the toilet. Therefore, it is better to clean the console. Either with a wrung out cloth or, better, with antibacterial wipes. At least a small bottle of hand sanitizer can come in handy in your hotel room.

Also, to be safe, study escape routes, leave valuables in the safe, and if you’re extremely suspicious, check for hidden cameras in the room. But most of all… enjoy your stay to the fullest!

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