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Where did Anonymous participate? |

For some this was a very exciting time, someone could gush into a tapestry of the idea that a bunch of unknown fools on the internet could take down the bank’s server. I was 20 years old, so I belonged to Group A. Mainly because I have around one hundred seventy krone and fifteen pence deposited in the bank, so I couldn’t even withdraw my savings via an ATM.

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Simon Kadyrovic
Apr 16, 2021 • 09:52

The most famous group at that time, of course, became anonymous. They have captured the face of the play Guy Fawkes and digitally terrorize anyone they hate. They often choose relatively comprehensible goals. Church of Scientology, the Ku Klux Klan, these idiots from Westboro Baptist Church. Then there is one of their operations that always makes me laugh and threaten at the same time: Anonymous installed flashing photos on the Epilepsy Federation homepage. I know it’s horrible, and nothing dangerous happened to anyone at the time, but I’m probably a beast somewhere deep down inside me. Today, “Official” Anonymous denies having any relationship with it, and it is alleged that it is a separate branch of the organization. And it’s the danger you face when you’re just a loose and too free group of people. When “you are a legion”.

Where are the activists?

Literally, the revolution came at the end of 2010. At that time, the Arab Spring had begun and a number of hacking groups, including Anonymous, were very active in operations in the Middle East. Civil wars, coups, demonstrations and protests – at the time, governments seemed to be taking shape and falling over with hacking activists.

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We are now ten years away. The optimism went online. It turns out that the founder of WikiLeaks is someone wiping his shit around the Ecuadorian embassy, ​​the Arab Spring did not achieve any results at all, and in some parts of the Middle East it is still at war. The rest of the world is in a furious information war in which hacker groups can play an important role. But when was the last time you heard about them?

Where do all the perfect hackers go? Why don’t they help us? Why don’t they put a hairy and flashing back on the Aironet homepage here and there?

Go pro or go home

What you may not remember, because it wasn’t much fun reading, many hackers ended up at the base at the beginning of the last decade, when cyber police units began to form properly in civilized countries. And yes, it also surprises me that the electronic unit is a division of digital security, not a robocop unit. However, these units have arrested dozens of hacking activists in the United States, the Netherlands, Britain, Spain, Australia and other countries. Many of them, for example, are from the Anonymous movement. They are considered martyrs by other members of the circle. Even those who served for half a year, for example.

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Shimon Safranik
April 13, 2021 • 19:13

Anonymous is critical in our discussion of where the hackers go. Because they are the only group that is still hanging on the Internet. And they weren’t active either. In 2018, for example, not a single event was recorded, otherwise in recent years it is mostly local and minor issues. We in the Czech Republic have been interested in their work since last year, when they managed to hack the United Nations website and add a Taiwanese website that does not yet exist. In general, Anonymous has strong anti-China feelings, but mostly manifested by placing Hong Kong flags on the square from the Avengers and giving Thanos the mask of President Si.

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State servers are no longer made of wood

The remaining groups of hacking activists, and indeed individuals, have completely disappeared. We have already mentioned one of the reasons. Police units focused on cybercrime. Of course, it’s not just the police. In those 10 years, the level of digital security rose almost everywhere. On the servers that we use daily, in state institutions, in the armed forces.

Previously, when you wanted to drop a page, the massive frontal attack was enough for you, and the net traffic was able to put down anything. Today, you’ll find nothing to collapse because of it – except perhaps anything our government has ever created. But in a real civilized world, state servers are not made of wood, and you have to be a professional who is able to hack into something of value.

It also means, by the way, that states are hiring and using the best hackers. Especially countries that are actively involved in information warfare. In 2019, for example, a few days before the congressional elections, American hackers closed a Russian bunker. As a result, in the last days before the vote, the US Internet was not riddled with disinformation. But most of all, they sent a clear message about the president’s identity here. They felt satisfied about it until the beginning of this year, when they discovered that the Russians had been intruding on public and private servers for several months, without anyone noticing. Then there is the issue of China and its infiltrators. Because no Chinese has ever properly caught a Chinese digital attack, which is suspicious to the minimum.

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We don’t need protection

Of course the Czechs don’t need any digital protection or hackers. It’s been a quarter of a year since we discovered that our vaccination scoring system was sending data to advertising companies. There is no error in data leakage in the Czech Republic, it is an advantage. And even if we can digitally protect some important information, for example from the sphere of intelligence services, we can officially pass it on to our enemies via the castle. All it takes is for the boss to ask BISka again for the list of agents and details of live operations.

Like Anonymous, there is now no place for the Czech Republic in a digital world filled with professional and state-backed hackers. And maybe we should start doing something about it, otherwise we would end up in the context of the most important international digital espionage just like Anonymous. Like the Joker who was mean to something.

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April 16, 2021 • 10:02

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