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Where do you look?  /

Where do you look? /

The Judo World Cup Hungary 2021 is fast approaching. Below is a list of channels where you can watch the event.

Netherlands My
France / Monaco Eurosport
Poland DVB game
Portugal, Angora, Mozambique Game Television
Georgia Silk mesh
Slovenia Game Club
Ukraine UA Percy
Czech Republic Czech television
Croatia SPTV (Who TV
Austria ORF
Belgium (News) Garden
Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia
Game Club
Belarus P.D.R.C.
Hungary Tube antenna
Spain RTVE
Italy Sky Italy
Crooked DRT Sports International
Mask TV competition
Kosovo Artwork
United Kingdom
Pan Europe^ News) Eurovision Eurosport
Iran Iran International
Emirates / Qatar / Bahrain / Iraq / Saudi Arabia / Oman / Iran / Syria / Kuwait / Lebanon / Jordan / Palestine SNRT
Canada CBC (Streaming)
Venezuela Telearqua
Brazil Brazilian Olympic Channel Globosat
All countries of South America Silver Spring Media
Regions of North Africa SNRT
Kazakhstan Cause game
Tajikistan Warshish TV
Mongolia SBS Mongolia
Israel Game 5
Azerbaijan CBC Games
Japan TV Fuji Jasports

If your country is not listed or can not find a program, you can watch a live broadcast

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