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Kam směřuje Clubhouse a potřebujeme ho vůbec?

Where is the club headed and do we need it in the first place?

Everyone has heard of a phenomenon called Clubhouse – a podcast (social) platform where you can communicate with others through voice messages and you can participate in endless discussions on various topics.

Where is the clubhouse heading and do we need it originally?

We will not be dealing here with just a description of the Clubhouse Network, instead we will consider how the platform will be developed in the future, and what its seemingly hidden advantages (but also security risks) are and at the same time try to answer why the Clubhouse has become so successful.

(Dis) the benefits of voice communication

The Clubhouse’s network building block, meaning only voice messaging, can discourage many users at first glance. You might be wondering what the Clubhouse platform feature is when you can get “complete” audiovisual content and there are millions of podcasts on the Internet on just about any topic you can think of.

Let’s give an example of someone who regularly watches videos on YouTube, where there is a great deal of content and maybe doesn’t fully understand why they are deprived of visual accompaniment? You might be surprised that many YouTubers have been doing this for a long time. Think how many times you played a video to listen and never missed the accompanying picture? After all, isn’t this feature, which is running the YouTube app with the screen off, part of the YT Premium membership?

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In short, listening is easier and in many ways more comfortable, and you can engage in other activities such as sports or driving while listening. In the case of the Clubhouse, it is also beneficial not only to the listeners, but also to the creators, who can become anyone who joins the platform. Simply record a voice message without having to deal with how it looks or whether the image is of proper quality.

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User security negotiable

After all, the great interest from users in this communication method was understood very quickly by other platforms, such as Facebook or cableWhich have developed (or are developing) similar solutions.

Clubhouse's latest improvements?  You can now give your favorite authors

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And while for the platforms already in place that regularly plague security scandals, we have at least some guarantees that will comply with European GDPR legislation, Terms of the club platform We did not find any mention of fulfilling the requirements of the GPDR Regulation. Instead, the app is governed by the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), which, however, applies exclusively to Californians and thus provides no protection for the average Czech or Slovak user.

Clubhouse keeps voicemail messages for users, but no one knows for how long.

During the Clubhouse’s relatively short existence, doubts also arose about the security of the data that was going to pass through the Chinese servers (see Reportedly, the Chinese government can access it, but Clubhouse said, of course, that user data is safe and has full control over it. If you look at the terms of the Articles of Association, you will also find that the Clubhouse is recording voice messages, and is purportedly solely for the purpose of analyzing the incorrect behavior of any of the room or “room” participants. However, the conditions no longer specify how long records will be kept, and of course there is no guarantee that the owner of the platform named “Alpha Exploration” will not use it for other (research) purposes.

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Many experts also point to the risk of misusing audio recordings in creating so-called deepfakes. Due to the growing popularity of voice assistants and devices that can identify users by voice, there is a high risk of abuse.

A place for education and entertainment

So does this mean that in the future, instead of watching photos on Facebook or watching short videos on Instagram and TikTok, we’ll just listen? Given the limitations associated with the coronavirus epidemic and the ability to record voice messages from anywhere, whether you’ve just got out of bed or been in the barber’s salon for two months, photo media is unlikely to disappear, but it can be assumed that this type of (voice) communication will continue to thrive. ).

Clubhouse is a hit, but app security lags

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Plus, the absence of video has another added value, perhaps seemingly hidden, that you will appreciate especially if you are feeling a little old about the kind of content that usually happens on TikTok and partly on Instagram. The lack of visual content and relatively strict rules on the part of the Clubhouse (inside rooms or “rooms”) mean that older users who are genuinely interested in discussing a topic and can often say something of value about them get together on this, the club is A place that could serve many users primarily for education, but of course also as a source of entertainment.

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Since there is no picture, blocked topics can also be discussed in Clubhouse, which can be accessed by more users. Additionally (due to the lack of a video), they don’t have to completely leave their comfort zone, even if they want to actively participate in the chat. However, Clubhouse has fewer content moderators compared to competing social platforms, so on the other hand, there is a greater risk of spreading various misinformation, cyberbullying and the like.

The club is pressing time.  Spotify could soon become another contender

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Last but not least, Clubhouse can be great for novice creatives who have something to share, but don’t dare to start their own YouTube channel or their content simply doesn’t fit well with TikTok, Instagram, and similar platforms.

How long will the Clubhouse platform continue to be popular?

The big question remains how long the Clubhouse phenomenon will stay with us. According to one of the founders of this platform, Clubhouse had around 10 million active users at the end of February. The Wall Street Journal However, it has been reported that the number of users has decreased by 21% in the three weeks since the end of February.

What about you, do you use a clubhouse? Are you looking to be available for Android (if you aren’t already using it on your iPhone)? Or is Clubhouse another useless social platform with no future?