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Where was Abdul Razzaq Jarna when he learned of his Nobel victory and why does he write in English?

Where was Abdul Razzaq Jarna when he learned of his Nobel victory and why does he write in English?

On October 7, the Swedish Academy announced the winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Abdul Razzaq Jarna, at the time of receiving the news of his winning of this year’s Nobel Prize, was in his kitchen making a cup of tea. I was in the committee’s place, you wouldn’t have chosen me!

Abdul Razzaq Jarna

It is noteworthy that Abdul Razzaq Jarna, a 72-year-old Tanzanian novelist and writer, immigrated to Britain as a refugee, studied there, and worked as a faculty member at the University of Kent after obtaining his doctorate. His novels shed light on the lives of refugees and their suffering, and document his novels, especially His first novels, The Experience of Immigrants in Britain, which he experienced personally.

Jarna worked in his novels to focus mainly on displacement and colonial issues, and his works won many important awards, including the 1994 Booker for his novel Paradise, the Commonwealth Book Award, and the Los Angeles Times Prize.

Abdul Razzaq Jarna

Throughout his life, Abdul Razzaq Jarna wrote 10 novels, all of which revolved around the idea of ​​alienation, colonialism and displacement. Colonies in East Africa dealt with the sale and slavery of children, expulsions and forced displacement.

Abdul Razzaq Jarna and the ugliness of colonialism

Abdul Razzaq Jarna’s works dealt with the colonial and post-colonial era in Africa, where the impact of this colonialism was devastating, and caused the impoverishment of many countries of the brown continent. On this, thousands of Caribbean immigrants, who came legally, were deported to Britain between 1948 and 1971, and we are witnessing the persistence of the same ugliness.

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Regarding his dealing with immigration in particular, Jarna stated in a press interview, that immigration is a phenomenon of our time, and adds that the characters of his novels are formed alone according to the surrounding circumstances. He constantly asks himself for his identity.

Abdul Razzaq Jarna explained that he writes in English, because it is a language that belongs to everyone, not because it represents his identity, as it is like the game of cricket, invented by Britain, but everyone plays it.