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Where will I go this summer?  See where other passengers are going

Where will I go this summer? See where other passengers are going

As vaccines spread around the world, most travelers want to get back what they left behind during the lockout: summer vacation.

Travel search is still growing and booking is not far off. But it does not happen equally across continents.

The booker, the place where people travel and the place where travelers return home.

According to the European Travel Commission, a non-profit organization representing more than 30 countries in Europe, more than half (56%) of Europeans want to travel this summer.

Nearly half (49%) of survey respondents plan to travel to another European country, while 36% plan to stay within their borders. According to research published in April, 29% of those most likely to travel are scheduled between May and June, with 46% waiting for July and August.

This is where the Europeans plan to travel this summer

  • Spain: 10.4%
  • Italy: 9%
  • France: 7%
  • Greece: 6.2%
  • Germany: 5.2%

    Source: European Commission for Travel

Family and friends retreated this year; See only 19% mainly book trips. Two-thirds (66%) are likely to travel in their spare time, while 34% prefer to travel by sea.

More than 50% of passengers are ready to fly, while car travel (36%) is the second most popular mode of transportation.

Portugal ranks 6th on the European Travel Commission’s list of most popular destinations, but its research has led it Crazy dash for bookings After Portugal, British travelers were added to the UK “green list” on May 7.

Israel, Iceland a Many foreign countries and territories It is also on the green list, meaning passengers will no longer have to be isolated when returning from the UK from today.

“Americans continue to have the opportunity to explore their backyards and discover places in the United States,” said Misty Pills, CEO of Virtuoso. Worldwide network of travel companies specializing in luxury and adventure travel.

While Hawaii and other beach sites attract travelers trying to relax after a stressful year, Alaska attracts travelers who may be leaving the United States.

With 30 square miles of sand, the large sand dunes near Alamosa, Colorado attract visitors looking for a distant vacation in a great outdoor setting.

Patricia Giraldo | Moment | Getty Images

“First-class travelers who usually go to exotic places like Africa will choose an outdoor playground and see adventures and sports in Alaska,” he said. “As cruise ships do not enter Alaskan ports this season, people are exploring the landscape and finding more inland landscapes.”

Pills said California attracts people to enduring favorites such as Napa Valley, and East Coast travelers are booking trips to Nantucket and Cape Cod, and summer access to those areas is now limited.

Tourists are also attracted to places with low name recognition. 70% of Airpin searches for Memorial Day in the United States are within 50 to 300 miles of passenger homes. The most popular weekend weekends in the United States, considered by some to be the unofficial start of summer:

  • Ogres Alamosa, Colorado.
  • Ney County, Nev.
  • Sanbad County, Utah
  • Angel Fire, New Mexico
  • Forex, Sladonka.
  • Sandpoint, Idaho
  • Washington County, Virginia
  • West Yellowstone, Mont.
  • Jackson County, North Carolina
  • Harbor Ferry, W.

Compared to Memorial Day travel trends two years ago, Airbnb figures show an increase in three-digit searches for tents (260%), boats (142%), farm shelter (119%) and wooden houses (111%) when some passengers leave. Hotels for exotic and remote accommodation.

Despite the increase in air bookings, road trips still dominate – at least on social media. According to Sprout Social, a Chicago-based research firm, road trips and flights have been mentioned more than 32,000 times since April 29, with more than 1.6 million conversations related to travel on Twitter.

Although Americans are expected to fly away from home this year, the search for planes across the Atlantic rose 47% following a recommendation by European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen that vaccinated Americans could travel to Europe this summer, according to a Montreal Hooper-based travel application.

London, Paris and Barcelona are the most popular European cities in terms of total searches, but Hopper figures Denmark (+ 84%), Poland (+ 72%) and Switzerland (+ 63%) comment on April 25.

Internet searches have also increased in Croatia (+ 31%) and Iceland (+ 22%), which are already accessible to both Americans based on Van der Leyen’s ideas.

“Internationally, we are very optimistic about reopening Europe,” Pills said.

Greece and Iceland are popular among Virtuoso’s customers, he said: “Italy is Europe’s number one destination for bookings before borders are opened.”

“It’s not entirely surprising that Italy has always been the hub of the Virtuoso network, but it is clear that people want to return to their favorite places,” he said.

Italy is a European destination for American travelers in Virtuoso this summer, but the country has not officially opened, Misty Pills said.

© Marco Botticelli | Moment | Getty Images

The most popular destinations in Virtuoso for American hotel summer bookings (in order): USA, Italy, Mexico, France, Bahamas, United Kingdom, Greece, Canada, Spain and Ireland.

If Europe is open to them, there may be another reason for Americans to be happy. According to Huber, trips to Europe are cheaper now than in the past.

“The reopening of the country will allow more competition among airlines and increase the supply of seats sold on these routes, which tends to reduce ticket prices in the short term,” said Adir Damodaran, an economist at Hooper.

Ticket prices for Iceland have dropped since the country reopened, and similar trends are taking place on Atlantic flights because Europe is likely to open to vaccinated Americans this summer.

According to Hooper, data on U.S. locations from April 27 to May 11 was the most searched by Americans.

Courtesy of Hopper Travel

However, this trend is not expected to last long.

“Hopper estimates that ticket prices for Europe will drop to $ 700 by mid-June 15, rising to $ 775 by mid-June,” Damodaran said.

He said there were good deals on flights returning to Portugal (1 501) and Iceland (30 530) last week.

Summer travel between Asian countries has been largely paralyzed as the region faces coveted rates associated with the B.1.617 option, which was first identified in India last December.

Of the total 43,000 COVID-19 cases in the Maldives, more than 13,000 have been confirmed in the past two weeks.

Apollo Amir | Moment | Getty Images

The infection rate is higher in places like the Philippines and Indonesia, while the vaccination rate is lower in Asia. In the past month, relatively stable countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam have also seen a sharp rise in new epidemics.

Many Asian destinations that welcome mass tourism, the Maldives and Sri Lanka, are experiencing catastrophic peaks of epidemics.

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