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Which car maker is the most valuable will not be surprising.  The Chinese have already reached the top ten

Which car maker is the most valuable will not be surprising. The Chinese have already reached the top ten

Tesla is also the world’s most valuable automaker this year. This comes after the annual Kantar BrandZ rating. Three other car manufacturers are among the world’s 100 most valuable brands, but they also maintain a significant distance from the American electric car manufacturer.

According to Kantar BrandZ rating, Tesla is worth $75.933 billion, which is approximately 1.8 trillion crowns. At the same time, it is not just about the value of the company itself, the Kantar Research Agency also takes into account how customers perceive the company. The more contact the particular company is, the more value it brings. “Strong affinity (affinity or correlation – editor’s note) For branding is the basis of customers’ willingness to pay and has never been so important for organizations that want to offset high inflation,” concludes Martin Guerreria, President of Kantar BrandZ.

Tesla is also one of the biggest jumps in this year’s rankings: From 47th place last year, it managed to move up to 29th this year, leaving behind Netflix, Samsung or TikTok. Even in 2020, the automaker wasn’t among the 100 most valuable companies ever. According to Kantar, Elona Muska’s stance reflects the global trend in electric vehicle sales.

The total value of the 10 most valuable brands in the entire automotive sector has also increased. Compared to last year, it increased by 34 percent to more than $230 billion. “Value has grown despite issues with chip supply and the future of electric vehicles,” said Amandine Bavent, head of global valuation at Kantar BrandZ.

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It also highlights the only new brand in the top ten automakers, China’s BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams. It is not only the largest Chinese manufacturer of electric cars, but also ended up in March as one of the first to produce pure combustion cars. In addition to electric cars, it is focusing on plug-in hybrid cars, as both classes of cars are supported in China when purchased.

The Chinese manufacturer has replaced Nissan among the ten most valuable automakers, which, on the other hand, is completely out of the rating. The remaining nine brands were in the rankings last year as well, with only Ford and Honda switching places. You can look at the ten most valuable cars in the world at the beginning of the article.

If we go back to hundreds of the most valuable brands of all time in the world, then besides Tesla, there are only 66 cars rated Toyota, 70 Mercedes-Benz and 76 BMW. The three brands performed slightly worse, despite increasing their overall value. Toyota also became the “most sustainable” automaker in the Kantar rankings.

In the context of sustainability assessment, it is not only about how the brand behaves in relation to the environment, but also in relation to society, that is, among other things, even employees. However, Toyota has not become one of the most sustainable brands in general (Microsoft is the leader in this regard).

Apple has become the highest total value brand of 2022. It’s worth $947 billion, so it’s closer to becoming the first brand to be worth over a trillion dollars. The second is Google, with more than $819.5 billion, and the third winner last year, Amazon, with about $706 billion. Kantar BrandZ’s top 100 brands are worth $8.7 trillion, up 23 percent from last year, with the top-rated brands making their debut in 2006.

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