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White and Scoop “for knives”! A sharp argument in the live broadcast

That something is wrong with the singer and musician, according to the web It turned out in the interview of the program ČT24. Even the lyricist did not spare Gabina OsvaldovaBecause it is said that one of her words refuses to sing at parties in its original version! It all came to the fore when the show’s creators asked the composer if he was going to ask Bílá a question across the screen.

sucop He appeared in front of the camera with his record that came out as a birthday present, at the same time to celebrate their thirty years together. “Do you see that record? It contains the best things we did together, and I read the statement you sent to Warner Music, where you fought so hard to keep the record from appearing. You were told it was not only your project, but Gabin and mine too. Because the publishing house has the rights to it.” It was released anyway. I just wonder why I fought so hard against that record. I didn’t understand at all what we did wrong or what happened.” asked the singer on SouT24 Soukup broadcast, which is said to be showing him white Disappointed!

Ondrej Sokp married secretly! He married his longtime mistress Lucia Uralova!

out of control

But she clearly didn’t feel the slightest bit of shame or error. “I had no idea this would happen to me at 55. I’m not used to the fact that if I say no, I’m not satisfied. I don’t like it when things are done behind your back! I love Ondra and thank him for twenty years of collaboration, but I don’t thank him for this! last album, The singer gave him a shocking answer, which, paradoxically, thanks to the fact that Soukup and Osvaldová took her under the alleged wings, grew to starry heights. “I like things under control, I wouldn’t put that picture there, and I don’t like someone doing something when I say I don’t want to. And, Pacholik, he dragged that record to TV,” Lucy was angry. “I’m already surrounded by people who have a different approach to me,” She added.

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the end time

Ondřej Soukup admitted in that novel that he did not expect an actual reaction. “Somehow I still love Lucka and thank her very much for her answer. I won’t comment further on this. It is useless. I think everyone can easily form an opinion according to my question and answer” He answered Blesk Soukup’s question after the show aired.

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