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البيت الأبيض: بايدن يسلط الضوء فى خطاب "حالة الاتحاد" على الائتلاف ضد روسيا

White House: Biden highlights alliance against Russia in State of the Union speech

The U.S. official added in a statement to CNN that the goal of the alliance was to work together to provide unprecedented sanctions against a major country such as Russia.

CNN reports that Klein declined to comment on whether Biden would announce “strong military action” against Russia in his forthcoming State of the Union address.

Klein explained that Biden would talk about “supporting the oligarchy” supporting Russian President Putin and the next steps in providing humanitarian and military assistance to the Ukrainians.

CNN reports that Joe Biden will also announce US intentions to ban Russian flights from US airspace following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

White House spokesman Jen Zhaki had previously said that the direction of US flights over Russia to Asia and the rest of the world would play a role in this decision.

CNN also quoted a White House official as saying that Biden would talk about his comprehensive strategy to combat crime in his State of the Union address, focusing on dual efforts to invest in crime prevention and recruiting additional police forces. City and city levels, and US President Joe Biden will discuss the progress made over the past year and his vision of building a better America.

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