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Who is Badr Al-Shamaas, fiancée of Lindsay Lohan?

Who is Badr Al-Shamaas, fiancée of Lindsay Lohan?

date of publication:
November 30, 2021 7:49 GMT

Update date: November 30, 2021 10:15 GMT

Businessman Badr Al-Shamas has become the focus of Arab and international media attention, after American singer and actress Lindsay Lohan announced the news of her engagement to him.

Lindsey published, through her account on “Instagram”, the news of the engagement, in a photo that she gathered with Badr.

Since the news of the emotional relationship between “Lohan” and “Deacon” spread about two years ago, personal information about Badr Al-Shamas has remained scarce, especially since he does not reveal his private life much to the public.

The two seem to have known each other in Dubai, where Lohan moved years ago.

Who is the businessman Badr Al-Shamas?

News accounts and social networking sites circulated information about the origin of businessman Badr Al-Shamas, that he is an Emirati, while a source revealed to “IT” in Arabic that Badr Al-Shamas has a Kuwaiti father and a Lebanese mother.

The source confirmed that Badr Al-Shamas and Lindsay Lohan visited Beirut earlier this year, where they attended the wedding of their friends.

Businessman Badr Al-Shamas has held, since August 2018, the position of assistant vice president at Credit Suisse (an international wealth management company) in Dubai, according to circulating information.

Al-Shamas was working as a financial analyst in the Bahraini capital, Manama, where he moved six months later to the branch of the same company in Kuwait as a partner in 2013 and remained in his position until 2017, later moving to Dubai as an assistant in BNP Wealth Management before moving to Credit Suisse.

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Bader Al-Shamas studied Mechanical Engineering, and later obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Finance in 2012 from the John H. Sykes School of Business at the University of Tampa in the United States of America.

The fiancé of international actress Lindsay Lohan does not have any personal accounts on social media.

The 35-year-old is best known for her brilliant performance in “The Parent Trap”, in which she played identical twins, and the comedian in “Mean Girls.”

Lohan has settled in Dubai over the past years.

And the international star has previously sparked widespread controversy after previous hints of her desire to convert to Islam.

She also appeared on one occasion holding the Holy Qur’an in her hand and wearing the hijab, commenting that “friends of her from Saudi Arabia gifted her this copy of the Qur’an,” adding that “she was learning from it, and I got to know a new meaning of life,” as she put it.