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Who is Dina Sami? – Mohazat News newspaper

Dina Sami is an Emirati drawing artist who manufactures various models and discusses in many of her artworks many social issues. She is one of the artists of the modern generation who has been able to prove themselves greatly on the art scene. They have gained respect and appreciation and gained wide fame within a short period of time, and we will try in this The article got to know Dina Sami more closely and more precisely.

Aspects of Dina Sami’s life

The following is a brief summary of Dina Sami’s life:

  • Dina lived her life between Dubai and New York City, which earned her local fame and international fame at the same time.
  • Dina’s work and interest have emerged in the field of visual arts and graphic design.
  • She was able to establish her own design company and called it Seven Minutes, and by mentioning she was able to create a famous and distinctive name for her and she collaborated with major brands such as My Coffee Planet
  • Dunia participates in the event launched by Dubai under the name of Art History Tour, which aims to support the local artistic community, and to celebrate the unique cultural position that Dubai enjoys at the regional and global levels.
  • Dina Sami’s artworks are displayed throughout the city of Dubai.
  • Dina has designed many of her artworks on the walls of cafes across the city of Dubai.
  • Donia’s artworks are distinguished by the use of black and white completely, excluding other colors, which makes them have a distinctive imprint that is easy to identify.

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The goals that Dina Sami seeks to achieve

There are many goals that Dina Sami seeks to achieve, including the following:

  • Dina aspires to communicate her art to a large number of people and disseminate it on a wide scale, whether on a local or global scale.
  • Donia wants to collaborate with different artists from all over the world to gain a new type of experience, which will help her develop and acquire new types of knowledge.
  • Dina tries to create and collaborate in creative workshops to inspire others and provide help and support for growing talent.
  • Dina sees the rapid and unpredictable evolution of the world as a great opportunity for continuous creative renewal.

In the end, Dina Sami is one of the artists of the rising generation who was able to leave an impressive imprint through her different view of art and its methods, and thus was able to impose her name on the ground steadily among the great elite of artists.