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Who is Hadi El Bagoury?.. You won't believe that he was married to this retired star before Yasmine Rais

Who is Hadi El Bagoury?.. You won’t believe that he was married to this retired star before Yasmine Rais

raised the director Hadi Elbagoury The controversy was heavily attacked by activists and some famous people social mediabecause of his recent statements during his hosting of the “Kalam Al-Nas” program, where he said that he does not mind kissing his actress wife.yasmine chiefIn romantic scenes.

The director also defended Hend Sabry after she appeared in a dance suit in her new series “Searching for OlaHe said: “We are a people who walk in swimsuits on the sea and with a roof for dancers at weddings, and we object to a dance suit in a series!”.

These bold statements sparked widespread controversy, which exposed the Egyptian director to the attack and scathing criticism. Hadi Elbagoury

Hadi Elbagoury He is an Egyptian director and producer, born into an artistic family. His father is a journalist and television producer (Gamil El Bagoury) and his aunt is the late actress (Zizi El Badrawy), and his brother is the late director and screenwriter (Sameh El BagouryHe began his artistic career as an executive producer, then turned to directing in the late nineties.

Hadi directed hundreds of advertisements and video songs for the most prominent Arab singers, and the number of songs he filmed reached 30 songs, and the video advertisements he directed exceeded 300, including advertisements for multinational companies. In 2011 he directed the movie (One True) and it was the opening film of the Dubai International Film Festival in 2011, where he participated in the Muhr Arab Competition for Feature Films, and won the Best Directorial Work Award from the National Center for Cinema in Egypt.

The series (Special Show), which is the first series directed by (Hadi El Bagoury), which was filmed on a 16 mm film tape, is the first series to be filmed in this way in the Middle East. In 2001, he and (Hani Osama) founded The Producers, a film production company, with the aim of establishing a leading production company.

In 2014, he directed the horror movie (Warda), produced by his company (The Producers), which is the first Egyptian movie to be filmed in the style of (found videos), a method known abroad, especially in horror films and independent films, and depends on the story or an essential part of it being based on a group of Mysterious videos of people who experienced a paranormal phenomenon and recorded or attempted to record the events that happened to them.

The director marriedHadi Elbagoury(from the actress)yasmine chief) in 2014, which he met while directing his series (Special Show), which was one of his heroines Hadi Elbagoury He was previously married to the retired actress Hanan Turk.

Hadi Al-Bagouri raises controversy with his statements about his wife, Yasmine Rais

The Egyptian director Hadi Elbagoury He has sparked controversy because of his statements about his relationship with her and his stance on bold scenes and clean cinema.

Al-Bagoury said: “I don’t have a problem with my wife being confused and presenting romantic scenes because I am not a hypocrite and I do not have a psychological contract, and I am happy when people say the actress’s nuts, and I am proud of my wife’s success. yasmine chiefThe actress who is not ready to attack her does not work, people’s words do not concern me in my work or my life.

He confirmed that “Al-Bossa” is in the movie.Moon 14Between Khaled Al-Nabawy and Sherine Reda Adaiya, he said: “Kisses have become a normal need in the cinema for 20 years, and I will not change myself because the audience is the one who needs treatment.” He explained that kisses have a dramatic meaning and significance in the film, and they represent love and are in the context of the scenario.

After the director’s statements crisis, his wife, the artist, Yasmine Rais, published a mysterious tweet through her account on the microblogging site:Twitter» In her first comment after the crisis of her husband’s statements Hadi Elbagoury.

I wrote yasmine chief She said: “A woman changes a lot when someone wrongs her, belittles her, or intentionally hurts her, and no matter how much she cherishes this person, she will shorten her conversation and her relationship with him.”

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