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Who is Hala Abdullah - Egypt Brief

Who is Hala Abdullah – Egypt Brief

Abdullah is still a model from Saudi Arabia, his mother is Yemeni and studies architecture, and he has appeared in many television interviews in which he gained wide fame in the Arab world and brought public opinion with more than half a million followers. We can find out who Hala Abdullah is through social networking sites, where the model Hala Abdullah has gained great fame, and this is due to her beauty.

Who is still Abdullah?

Hala Abdullah, born on November 12, Hala Rabea Al-Daljan to a Kuwaiti mother and a Saudi father. He graduated from the United States in 2015 with a degree in architecture where he grew up in Saudi Arabia and then moved to the United States. After that, he moved to the United Arab Emirates and settled in Dubai to complete his passion for beauty and modeling, where he asked artist Hala Abdullah, who is interested in art, poetry and painting, about many important exhibitions.

Abdullah’s family still

However, Abdullah’s family is a wealthy family that supports talent and art as she has four brothers, Abdullah Aziz Diller, Khaled and Najla Walla. We know who Hala Abdullah is because she consists of a big and happy family and he lived the best moments of life.

Still the beginning of Abdullah’s fame

However, Abdullah did not intend to enter the world of fame, as he is a simple and cheerful girl who loves to share her diaries and talents on social networking sites, as he received tremendous support and encouragement from the pioneers of social networking sites, whose followers reached two million followers on Instagram. And half a follower and his first interview was an interview with the former famous YouTube personality Crocodile through a funny clip of no less than ten minutes talking about the wishes he would like, as many people wonder about Hala Abdullah.

Abdullah is still considered one of the most prominent names in the world of beauty and fashion at the Arab and international levels. He is a model and participates in many important festivals for the fashion world, such as the Festival de Cannes, where he excels in fashion and makeup, and therefore he is the best in the Gulf. one of his characters. In the fashion show area.

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