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Who is the girl who sparked controversy with her appearance with Amr Diab?

The artist, Amr Diab, shared his followers through his personal account on Instagram, with a distinctive image of a young woman named Tiara Waheb, while they were together in Dubai on the sidelines of the Expo, where the latter appeared dressed in elegant black clothes.

The picture raised a question about the identity of the girl, who she is, and her connection to the artist, Amr Diab.

Tiara Waheb is a 20-year-old Lebanese girl, who is said to be appearing in a new clip with Amr Diab soon, and describes herself through her personal account on Instagram as “the emotional singer.”

Tiara Waheb lives between Beirut and Dubai, and as it is known, fashion lovers did not miss her taste in choosing her clothes, especially after her latest look with Amr Diab, in an elegant black dress.

Following up on Tiara Waheb’s most prominent looks, he notices the diversity of her looks in different styles, as she once appeared in a bright look somewhat similar to Cinderella’s look in a dress below the knee in tangerine orange with the famous “cut” cut, and coordinated the fun girl’s look with a white round hat, over her hair, which she left flowing.


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