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Who is the "miniature artist" that Google celebrates today?

Who is the “miniature artist” that Google celebrates today?

Ahmed Shaaban (Cairo)
Today, the search engine “Google” celebrated the birthday of the Algerian painter Mohamed Rasim, one of the first Algerian painters, where the famous search engine put a picture of “Rasim” on its home page, a drawing showing the late artist holding his brush to draw a painting of his paintings related to the art of miniature, one of the fields of The painting created by the late artist, and is still considered the greatest miniature artist of the twentieth century.
The artist, Mohamed Rasim, was born in 1896 in Algeria in the Kasbah neighborhood of a well-established family in the form of plastic arts. Since his early childhood, he was interested in the art of miniatures, mastering it with amazing speed, with the help of his family members later, where Mohamed Rasim devoted his life to this art, which contributed greatly to his fame.
Through his genius and scientific investigations, Muhammad Rasim was able to enrich this artistic heritage without compromising its originality, while preserving the aesthetic techniques of the art of miniature painting. Choice of colors.
And after Mohamed Racim deservedly won the Grand Art Prize for Algeria in 1933, in addition to the Orientalist Medal; His works have been exhibited all over the world, many of which have been acquired by several world-renowned museums.
Mohamed Rasim was convinced that resistance can also be fought on the artistic front, for this reason he tried hard to bear signs of creativity, greatness and pride, as was the case in Algeria before the colonial era and as he wanted it after the restoration of its independence.
Rasim wanted to awaken the dignity of the Algerian people, and to arouse their jealousy and nostalgia through art. That is why his deep convictions stemming from the spirit of freedom led him to meet his people and his country in order to correct their history, which was distorted by colonialism.
Muhammad Rasim worked for a long time as a teacher at the Institute of Fine Arts, and his miniatures were collected in several books, including: Islamic Life in the Past, Muhammad Rasim Al-Jazaery, and Muhammad Rasim and his wife Balabiar died in 1975, in painful and mysterious circumstances that have not yet been clarified.

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