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اخبار اليوم من يرفع علم السعودية في حفل افتتاح أولمبياد طوكيو؟

Who will raise the Saudi flag at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics?

The Saudi Olympic Committee revealed the names of the athletes who will carry the Kingdom’s flag at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games hosted by the Japanese capital, “Tokyo”, is scheduled for Friday, with competitions continuing until August 8.

The Saudi Olympic Committee, through its account on the social networking site “Twitter”, stated that rowing player, Hussein Ali Reda, and runner, Yasmine Al-Dabbagh, will carry the Saudi flag at the opening of the Tokyo Olympics.

The official page of the Saudi Olympic Committee said: “The first Saudi female rower to qualify for the Olympics, Hussein Ali Reda, and the fastest Saudi female athlete, Yasmine Al-Dabbagh, were chosen to raise the Saudi flag at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on Friday.”

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia is participating in the Tokyo Olympics with the largest delegation in its history with the Olympic Games.

With the exception of the Saudi Olympic football team, the number of participants in the Olympic Games from Saudi Arabia is 11 athletes, including two women.

As for the competitions that will witness Saudi participation, they are athletics, judo, karate, rowing, archery, swimming, table tennis, weightlifting, in addition to football.

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