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Who will return the first samples from Mars to Earth?

Who will return the first samples from Mars to Earth?

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A senior Chinese official confirmed that his country plans to return samples from the surface of Mars to Earth by 2031, which may make it the first country to succeed in this mission, while the US space agency “NASA” and the European Space Agency have set 2033 as a date for returning rock and soil samples from the Red Planet.

Sun Zizou, chief designer of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft, has revealed the outlines of this multifaceted mission that will begin in 2028 and return with samples in 2031, two years earlier than Western countries.

As for the European Space Agency, it planned to launch the “Earth Return Orbiter” in 2027 to retrieve the samples collected by the American “Perseverance Rover”, by 2033.

According to the Chinese schedule, the Chinese National Space Administration will launch the Tianwen-3 mission in two stages, to land on Mars and collect samples, and then a second mission to transfer the collected data to Earth.

However, the possibility of implementing the Chinese plans still needs to be clarified, because at the moment, only a few dates have been put on paper. But it is not possible to resolve this matter until after the Chinese boats set out in the year 2028 and monitor the course of their mission in accordance with the calculations.

Although the United States continues to maintain its advantage in the field of space, the gap with China has narrowed significantly. Beijing could be the first to send an astronaut to the dark side of the moon.

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