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Why bagpipes avoid us.  Come and enjoy greeting the birds with singing in the Gisenicki Mountains

Why bagpipes avoid us. Come and enjoy greeting the birds with singing in the Gisenicki Mountains

The event’s Hajj amputation began with a mystery. Do you know which Czech bird is the most abundant? bird? starling? Dove? Crows? Chickadee? Swallows? “Did you know where swallows originally lived before they started accompanying humans and nesting them on construction sites?” The swallow once belonged to the types of rocks. It was abundant in our country, but now the swallows are declining wildly. Few crows. When hunting birds, records and statistics are kept, which blackbird occurs most often. In my experience, the most common bird in our country is the common Chaffinch, which you will find everywhere. Peter Hajj told listeners “in The park, the city and the jungle. “

Tension reigned in Karl Studanka when Peter Hajj set out to inspect the trapped nets and returned with a mysterious smile. He hid in the comfort of a little bird, only showing its long tail to those present. What could it be? Of course, the long-tailed miller. It is famous for building unique nests of lichens, mosses, cobwebs, and feathers.

Smaller? the rabbit!

Peter Hajj also felt another bird in a beanbag for a long time and escalated the tension. The audience muttered in amazement as it turned out to be a smaller squirt. According to the literature, the smallest European bird is the hare. It is almost indistinguishable from the Fire Rabbit, which Peter Hagg showed to a surprised audience. Rabbits also build artistic, nearly closed dome nests. The smaller the bird, the greater the risk of heat loss. That’s why parents of rabbits and millets care so much about a well-developed isolated nest.

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Whoever sees 300 species is a fighter

Of course, we cannot compete with tropical forests in species diversity. “If someone in the Czech Republic notices a few dozen bird species, they can already be counted among the advanced ones. Competing bird watchers, who take this note not only as a hobby, but also a sport, are affiliated with Club 300. The name says that if someone has What 300 species have been observed in our country, it is already officially a good fighter, “the specialty of ornithology, in which to compete.”

Why bagpipes avoid us

Some types disappear from our nature. Others, who have never been here before, are heading towards us with climate change. “The total species in our country is still somewhat shy. We are not losing species, but the amount of their representatives is decreasing. Some bird species are abundant in Hungary and Poland, but they are rare in our country and have almost disappeared. Why do birds miss the Czech Republic in their area of ​​distribution? We are different from Polish and Hungarian farmers who own small fields. For example, bagpipes need loose soil to get food. However, they only find large fields smothered with large tractors, ”Peter AJ described in detail Czech.