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Why did Real Madrid wear black and Barcelona yellow?

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Barcelona won a big 4-0 victory at its host Real Madrid in the famous “Classico” of the Spanish League, on Sunday evening, but the “Catalan quartet” was not the only thing that surprised the world’s fans, as the choice of “kits” of the two teams raised the astonishment of millions.

Historically, in the Clasico matches, Real Madrid usually enters the full white uniform, while Barcelona wears its first uniform, which is the blue and red striped shirt, which is what we have seen over the past years.

But on Sunday night, we saw both teams wearing “unfamiliar” colors, as Barcelona entered in full yellow, and Real Madrid in full black.

Why did Real Madrid enter black?

Real Madrid decided to wear all black, to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the founding of the club.

And the “Royal” put the black shirt a few days ago, in an artistic advertisement from the Adidas trap. The shape of the shirt was designed by Japanese designer Yuji Yamamoto, who used traditional Japanese dances and costumes dominated by black color in announcing the unveiling of the shirt, according to Sky News.

After the unveiling of the new shirt, Real Madrid’s account wrote: “A new shirt and a special set to celebrate a special moment. Our 120th Anniversary.”

Why Barcelona preferred yellow?

For his part, Barcelona entered his reserve uniform, which is full yellow, with some red stripes, which represent the flag of Catalonia.

According to ESPN, wearing the “Catalonia flag” shirt came at the request of club president Joan Laporta.

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The reason for choosing Laporta may be to promote the idea of ​​Catalonia, with pride in the region, language and flag as a separate part of Royal Spain, represented by Real Madrid.