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Why did the Ukrainian president ask for the Australian "Bushmaster" armored vehicles?

Why did the Ukrainian president ask for the Australian “Bushmaster” armored vehicles?

The Ukrainian president asked Volodymyr Zelensky from Australia to supply his country with “Bushmaster” armored vehicles, and he also appealed to the allies ofNATOTo send tanks, planes, and weapons against it.

In his speech to the Australian Parliament, on Thursday, Zelensky said that sending Australian “Bushmaster” armored vehicles “would do a lot for our freedom and security, and would help Ukraine Significantly,” according to the Australian newspaper, “The Sydney Morning Herald.”

I replied Australia By pledging to send those vehicles without specifying their number, it also confirmed an additional $25 million in military aid to Kiev, including drones.

The “Bushmaster” armored vehicles are designed to suit different weathers and terrainIt is an armored personnel carrier designed to carry 10 people with their weapons into battle.

Moreover, the “Bushmaster” can operate for three days without refueling, and can carry mortars and heavy weapons.

The Australian network, “ABC”, says that the high-strength steel in “Bushmaster” provides high protection against missiles and mines.

Commenting on the West’s response to the Ukrainian call to provide it, with weaponsMohamed Mansour, a researcher at the Egyptian Center for Strategic Thought and Studies, said: “It seems that the strategy of the Western powers with regard to weapons provided to Ukraine has begun to move towards a higher level of support, beyond the previous stage that was limited to shoulder-fired anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.”

Mansour added: “The new stage apparently includes the transition to armored personnel carriers and fighting vehicles, and perhaps at a later stage battle tanks.”

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He continued, “This stage shows the features of the European powers’ desire to compensate for the Ukrainian losses in armored vehicles.” and tanksAt the same time, taking this approach as an escalatory card against Russia.”

“In this context, two major developments stand out, the first is the approval of the German Federal Security Council to supply the Ukrainian army with 58 PBV-501 armored fighting vehicles, and the other is Australia’s approval to supply Ukrainian army Bushmaster mine-resistant fighting vehicles.

Although Australia’s decision has implications, according to Mansour, it “does not represent a significant addition to the Ukrainian army, given the armament of this type of vehicle that relies on a recoilless 73-millimeter cannon, and that the Ukrainian army already owns other copies of BMP- 1) Soviet”.

Mansour added, “These vehicles are a joint production of the American companies Thales, Australia and Oshkaush, since the late nineties of the last century, and they were modified over the following years, based on the experiences of South Africa as mine-resistant vehicles. They also entered service with the armies of the Netherlands, Britain, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Fiji and Jamaica.” and New Zealand.”

Regarding the military importance of these vehicles on the battlefield, Mansour explained: “This type of vehicle has undergone great combat experiences within missions preserve peace In Iraq, Afghanistan, Namibia and Cambodia, the Ukrainian army can absorb their operation quickly, especially since they produce similar types of them, and armies less experienced than their army, such as Fiji and Jamaica, operate and use them.

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