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لماذا منعت أمريكا ملكة جمال بريطانيا من دخول أراضيها؟ (فيديو وصور)

Why did the US prevent Miss Britain from entering her territory? (Video

09:47 PM

Sunday 09 January 2022


Miss Britain Lynn Clive was barred from entering the United States by the US embassy in London to represent Britain at the World Beauty Contest.

Lynn Clive, 29, of Syrian descent, won the title of Miss Britain for Married Women, and arrived in the United Kingdom in 2013 from Syria.

Lynn Clive became a British citizen in 2020 and was looking forward to representing her new country at the World Beauty Contest in the United States, but her dream was shattered as she was not yet sure of her possibility of entering. The United States will represent Britain in the tournament.

Lynn and some activists believe this rejection is related to his Syrian background. Lynn said her family members were given visas to go to the United States because she was born in Damascus, Syria, but she did not get them.

Lynn is studying at a British university and also works as a medical instructor and television presenter.

According to the Daily Mail, US officials commented on his refusal to enter the United States: “Visa records are confidential under U.S. law, so we cannot discuss the details of individual visa cases.”

This is the first time in 37 years that England have not participated in the tournament, and the event is set to begin on Sunday evening, January 15, in Las Vegas. USA, and lasts a week.