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Why do Chinese astronauts prefer apples over other fruits? – Mix

Astronaut Tang Hongbo aroused the curiosity of viewers by eating an apple while working on a computer inside the Chinese Space Station on June 23, and throwing waste into a collection bag that will be incinerated in the atmosphere as the Tianzhou spacecraft returns to Earth.

Why did astronauts curd eat an apple instead of another fruit in space?

According to Huang Weifen, chief designer of China’s manned space engineering, the three astronauts took dozens of apples with them on this space flight, not only because of their good nutrition, but also because they can be stored for a long time, and the apples are more suitable because of the less juice in them. In addition, space food should have the following characteristics:

– It is preferable that the food be solid, so as not to float in the cabin due to the lack of gravity in the space, which may affect the normal operation of the equipment.

Try to get as many edible parts as possible, and not leave a lot of trash that is difficult to handle.

It should be easy to eat, and the process should not be too complicated.

Before being transported to space, it was a rivalry between apples and oranges, but oranges had a lot of juice and needed to be peeled, which made them more difficult to eat.

In the end, the apple stood out among many fruits thanks to its many advantages, and became the first fresh fruit to be eaten on the space station, according to the Chinese newspaper, “The People”.

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In addition to fruits, there are more than 120 kinds of space foods that have entered space this time, including staple foods, non-staple foods, and spices, with famous Chinese toppings such as peanut chicken, black pepper beef, etc.

Meals are prepared according to the days of the week, low frequency. Meals were also chosen to suit the astronauts’ personal tastes.