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Why do we see the sky blue and not as dark as space?

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The sky appears in a bright blue color during the day, and when the sun rises, during and after the rains, the sky has a wonderful and wonderful appearance. The blue color of the sky results from the passage of light through the air. When sunlight reaches the earth’s atmosphere, it is scattered through small nitrogen molecules and oxygen molecules in the air.
Sunlight consists of a group of colors that appear white when we see them together, so when the light is dispersed or refracted, we see different colors, and the colors with shorter wavelengths, violet and blue, scatter when they collide with air molecules, so the blue color spreads in the atmosphere, while the rest passes through Colors with longer wavelengths of light without scattering.

So we don’t see violet instead of blue because our eyes are more sensitive to blue, and because some of the violet light is absorbed in the upper atmosphere. The reason we can’t see the stars during the day is because the blue that gives the sky its color is brighter.

At sunrise and sunset, the color of the sky tends to be reddish, and this is due to the fact that the sun at sunrise and sunset is apparently farther from the earth, so that the red light with a large wavelength is the light that disperses first and is able to penetrate the lower layers of the atmosphere, in addition to that Dust, fumes, and pollution all contribute to additional scattering of red light, so the sky is redder at sunset than at sunrise.

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