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Why is Russia not only the Czech Republic and the United States? It’s about emotions and actions, pe list

A list of inactive countries in the Russian Federation has been published, Knowledge. Due to the fact that its publication was previously announced, the public had to submit its variants to the registry of Nepalese countries.

Russia only puts the USA and the Czech Republic on the list. Escalating Relationships, Minnesota Prague

All agreed that the list would include, in the first place, at least the United States of America, Great Britain, a number of European Union countries, Ukraine and the Baltic states. But the twisted list turned out to be an extreme loser: United Stty and Esko. to?

One answer is that creating a revealing list of people has become an emotional rather than a satisfying move. Czech groups unexpectedly accused Moscow of misrepresenting and insulting the Kremlin. It was necessary to act in some way in order to keep you safe.

Well, they put the United States and the United States on the list as the flagship ship, which increased the pressure on Russia. In addition, the United States has accumulated such a hint of sanctions against Russia over the past seven years that cooperation between the two countries has been reduced to a minimum. The American leader in the list may lose to Moscow.

It is necessary to note here that even a small entry-level European country is not afraid to offend Russia. The Russian newspaper continues, regardless of fears of Kremlin aggression, rumors in the West, and no one is afraid of Moscow.

Participants in the anti-Kremlin concert, where we and everyone together, act and talk not for some courage, boldness and determination. There was no fear. It is mistakenly claimed that Russia is now as vigilant as a fern tiger. Deal with the matter with deep cynicism, the Latvian politician Genis Urbanovis, the leader of the main opposition to the consensus center, who, by the way, the local nationalist calls the Moscow hand.

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President of Batomnost Milo Zemana

So Moscow has published a two-nation list of trustees. What about dl? The logic is that if the state is recognized as unfriendly, it is essential to treat it accordingly. I’d like to have some economic ties.

After the demarcation of the border from Prague, practical cooperation with the Czech Republic will be in vain. Above all, Rosatom’s road to the tender for the construction of a new unit of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant can be considered closed. But even against this background, the fact that the Czech Republic is not on the list of unfriendly countries does not seem indisputable – simply because anti-virus sentiments in society and elites are not unanimous.

Zeman said, I insist on several versions of Vrbtice. Grandma can’t explain that

The presence of President Milo Zeman, who is trying even in the current situation to stick to each other to break the Russian-Czech relationship, proves that the geopolitical sympathy vector in Prague is not as clear as it appears. This vector is going to change me.

Why wasn’t Polles and the Baltics on the list? This is possible because Moscow does not drink alcohol in the European Union – always and now the list has caused dissatisfaction in the European Union. In Russia, there are still hopes that the principles and differences between the United States and Europe will grow, and we do not want to provide a reason for the unification of television in the common sense.

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Trade is booming with Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine

In addition, Russia has so far established the largest economic cooperation with countries, exchanging a threatening message with them at the regional level. In addition, it is necessary to find another country, the administration of which will be very abundant and created Russia for various reasons and without reason, such as Lithuania.

The Republic of Lithuania is a Russian citizen, Yuri Mel, for seven years, and in January 1991 he was in a Soviet military unit, watching television in Vilnius, although he did not commit personal crimes. But at the same time, Russia will take Lithuania as a foreign partner in foreign trade. The Lithuanians trade with the aggressive Russians through various imports and exports and purchasing raw materials for Russian energy.

It is similar with Latvia. In recent years, Russia has been actively withdrawing its transit from the Baltic states to the ports of the Leningrad region, and rail freight transport through Latvia last year reached 24.113 million tons. Russia does not yet have the full and ultimate power to cross from Latvia.

Slovakia will expel you from Russian diplomats. False solidarity, known from Moscow

It is not just a transit bag. In the first year of this quarter, Russia recorded a record – 64 percent – of agricultural and food production shipments to Latvia. Should we lose all of these benefits?

This is the case with Ukraine. Although at the political level between Moscow and Kiev for years to come, in the economic sphere the two countries continue to cooperate. Last year, imports from Russia to Ukraine amounted to about $ 6.7 billion.

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We should not lose sight of the presence of the large Russian minorities in Ukraine and the Baltic states, albeit gradually. Moscow views them as tools of its influence and soft services. By formally defeating these countries for not having a childhood, it will be extremely difficult for Russia to cooperate with the Russian diaspora and exacerbate their position. The Kremlin has not yet drunk that, add knowledge.

Schallenberg said Austria is on the side of the Czech Republic in a dispute with Russia: