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Why is Venus called “Earth’s evil twin”?

The planets Venus and Earth are sometimes called the “twins” because they are of approximately the same size, and the two planets also formed in the same inner part of the planet. Solar System.

Venus is actually the closest neighbor to Earth, so scientists suggest that they form in the same part of the solar system and from the same materials. Or “Earth’s evil twin”, due to its extremely extreme weather, according to an RT report.

NASA explained how Venus It is the “evil twin” of the Earth, and the runaway greenhouse effect prevails in it.

She said that the huge atmosphere, which is 24 km thick, is composed of carbon dioxide and contains clouds of sulfuric acid, which causes global warming.

In fact, the planet produces temperatures high enough to melt lead, and Laurie Glaze, director of planetary sciences for NASA, said temperatures on the surface of Venus are more than 480 degrees Celsius (900 degrees Fahrenheit).

“It’s a crazy place but it’s really interesting, and we really want to understand why Venus and Earth are so different,” Glaze added.

Therefore, scientists and engineers at NASA and the European Space Agency are preparing to send three new missions to the second planet in the solar system in terms of the distance between it and the sun.

The three missions will set off to Venus over the next decade or so, to learn more about how Venus formed, how the planet evolved, and why it is so different from Earth.

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