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Why should Trump return to power on March 4? QAnon theory

According to QAnon, The extremist movement that supports Trump, that day March 4, Will return to power by ousting former President Joe Biden. It will beAbsurd theory The conspirators, who did not give up on Trump’s defeat, but believed with all their might that they would see him back in the White House, were loyal followers of Tycoon.

Although this is only a prophecy, there are fears that the gods may be born disordini a Washington Carried out by QAnon, it is for this reason that the federal authorities have decided to protect 5,000 soldiers of the National Guard Congress And White House Avoid repeating what happened during the attack on Congress last January 6th.

Why should Trump return to power on March 4, according to QAnon?

According to Trump supporters, the former US president will return to the White House today to oust Joe Biden and restore order and legitimacy. But still Because on March 4th? In 1871, according to the foreign prophecy of the QAnon movement, Congress secretly passed a law transforming the United States into a company. The union general was in power at the time Ulysses Grant And “Sovereign Citizens’ Movement” It will be him The last formal president America before Donald Trump.

Date of election up to 1933 Sworn in by the President Formed in the United States March 4, The day of the inauguration of the newly elected Presidents of the United States from that year to January 20 was presented at the White House. This change was introduced by Franklin Delano Roosevelt To reduce the transition period between the old and the new president.

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So, for this reason, QAnon’s followers today believe that Trump can give life to someone New American Republic Is 19th President Ulysses Grant, the 18th President, is not the 46th from the last just president of this faction. So, in essence, today would be the date for the return of the real President of the United States, Donald Trump, to power, according to his followers. Arrest and hang Joe Biden, Is seen as a hijacker.

The extremist movement of the American right has been around for months Spread many prophecies And their predictions about “Baladin” never came true, but nevertheless managed to capture the followers of that faction, further strengthening the pro-Trump group, true Mechanisms of psychological persuasion, As the movement’s repentants announced in several interviews.