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Wiggs' "divination"... as expected

Wiggs’ “divination”… as expected

Wiggs fought hard in the advertising and acting fields (Khaled Desouky/AFP)

As expected, the song “Al-Bakht” by the famous Egyptian singer Wiggs (Ahmed Ali, 23 years old) topped the list of songs circulating directly, and talk about it turned into a “trend” among the pioneers. Social Media. This time, Weggs did not play on the chord of challenging the audience, nor did he adopt the speech style with all his usual provocation, but we witnessed him being pushed strongly towards the tone of defeat. As if he bid farewell to that narcissistic ego, for the benefit of a wounded one. Did Narcissus really fall into the lake? And what lake.. the lake of love.
Wiggs’ boldness, which has characterized his work in previous years, is more like a violent shot that tears the face of stagnation. A swollen, deceptive audacity, which does not approach truth except through the “most tortured and most lied” door. Here, it is not possible to present Wiggs as a generation, except by saying that he is confused between what is a teenager rushing his time, and a young man who seeks the perpetuation and perpetuation of strength. But it seems that the Lake “Bakht” has stronger attractions than this and that.
The song talks about an unclear and distorted love story, touching the stage of the crack of youth, and focusing on their volatile emotional state. As for the musical aspect, it is frugal, bearing a familiar pop formula, while its owner chose to leave the audience’s imagination to imagine the story behind the words, so he did not resort to filming it as a “clip”. What was mentioned, is not sufficient to analyze the reasons for the spread of the song “Al-Bakht”, or even the rise of Wiggs as a charismatic phenomenon, in light of the frantic competition.

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Since the beginning of his artistic career, Wiggs has taken advantage of the fact that he has a voice that swims calmly between middle layers, and sometimes falls. He escapes some tones at will with strong rap phrases in terms of street linguistic construction, and with autotion (sound effect) to achieve a greater aesthetic state during the performance. In the same context, Microscope (the band he started with) and cooperation with its members also contributed to pushing it and showing it as a phenomenon. Moreover, he adheres to the theme of the group and close friends, who form around him a kind of “asabiyya.” As well as the environmental framework to which he belongs, ie the city of Alexandria, Wardian neighborhood in particular, which named his first album after him. This duality between the neighborhood and the group is spontaneously present in his conversations and interviews.

Wiggs participated in many live shows attended by thousands, and between production breaks he would re-record a hit song as “Salini” to keep it going. He also entered strongly and confidently in the field of advertising, as well as acting, such as the series “Bimbo” and singing in films, distinguishing his clips with striking colors used in advertisements, such as “Kefe Keda”, or the advertisements themselves with Ahmad MakkiAnd in other clips bearing hallucinogenic neon colors, and these are attempts to satisfy all tastes, and to satisfy his eagerness to experiment. This is an attempt to sing outside the framework of rap, perhaps broadening his path to stardom.
The rapid transformation in music led to major schisms and the emergence of extremist forms of listening from all sides, from those who adhere to heritage to those who reject it on the other hand, and the wide spectrum between them. And between these two worlds, “divination” is positioned towards a general audience, after ensuring the private audience.
A fast and restless mow, it can be described as full of energy, as he boasted about himself in the song “The Washer”. Therefore, he soon released the song for the movie “Captains of Zaatari”, which deals with the story of two young refugees in the Zaatari camp. The promotional video shows clips of the two young men’s success in football, with the singer playing with the ball, and performing his dance, which developed with his beloved charisma during his career.

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It is important to mention that Wiggs is a direct supporter of the Palestinian cause, and he talks about it clearly and honestly, as well as his personal issues. Without filters and personally, he addresses his audience through his account on “Instagram”.
This alone ensures the loyalty of his audience; Basically, this was the first form of rap in its beginnings, that is, rejection and resistance to oppression and moving to and from people.

has evolved Festivals Jan From the womb of the electronic development taking place on the cloud platforms, and merging them with the Egyptian popular under the theme of hip-hop, as the form of production and the main members changed, so the singer became the writer of words, and the music producer appeared as a primary partner, thanks to him in producing new audio themes of his own, or with a singer What. This formation poses a new challenge to critics, which is to develop their critical tools, not to ignore or deny this art form.